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    Lol - Banned From Openpandora Forums

    Just got banned from OpenPandora forums for comparing criag to Kim Jong Il 18 month wait for a console 6 months wait for an RMA North Korea has nothing on Criagix
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    Missing You

    Been almost a year. 364 days to be precise. Tomorrow was our first anniversary. I knew this day was coming for months and put it off till the very last minute such was my need to have you close to me. I didn't want to let you go but I knew I had to. For us both. When I left you at that grey...
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    Javascrispt Game Development

    Had a try at JavaScript game development and it's really straightforward. I used MousePad and Chromium along with some 'found' graphics and created a little test game using only my Pandora. The game itself is really simple, just a tester. The main draw for me was dev-ing anywhere. Ive included...
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    I Just Found A Pandora!

    No, wait. It's a black DS
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    [SOLVED] .pnd Problem

    I followed capjustes .pnd creation guide in the Pandora wiki but can't get my .pnd to work. It shows on the desktop with the correct icon but doesn't run. Here is the call to make the .pnd ./ -p PoolPanic.pnd -d pxml/ -x pxml/PXML.xml -i pxml/poolpanic.png -c Here is my
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    Setting up Code::Blocks to cross-compile in Ubuntu

    DISCLAIMER This guide was written by a total Linux noob for other Linux noobs and the solution was arrived at by trial, error, luck and flaw. If I've missed anything out or I'm doing something stupid or unnecessary please feel free to correct me :) It will show you, step-by-step, how I set up...
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    Killer App

    I'm loving UAE4ALL. I'm loving psx4pandora. But for me the killer app so far is an unexpected one. Exaile and streaming radio. NME Radio is on all the time now :D What's your favourite app?
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    Change Default Keyring Password

    To change the default keyring password (the one youre prompted for when connecting to wifi) load up Thunar (Pandora menu/system). Check 'show hidden files'. Navigate to /home/YOUR NAME/.gnome2/keyrings and delete default.keyring Reboot and you will be asked to enter your wireless key then pick...
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    Had occasion to dig out my ancient copy of Rebirth today. Fantastic piece of software. Get it free here :
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    An Apology

    My language and behaviour last night were out of order. I apologise for any offence I caused and I thank the mods for not banning me - a ban would have been justified IMO. I offer no defense. It was a failed attempt at humour. Sorry, Jim
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    Mininova Goes Legit
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    Darkbasic Pro Is Now Free

    If you're interested in game development but find C to have too steep a learning curve you might want to try DarkBasic. It's by far the easiest engine to learn I've ever seen. You can only code for Windows and it's ad supported (in the IDE I think). It comes with excellent help and examples...
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    Google Wave Invites

    I've got some Google Wave invites if anyone wants one. PM me. All done!
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    Advanced Tactical Fighter

    This link will be updated to always point to the latest Windows build: Controls: W - accelerate S - brake A - turn left D - turn right SPACE - cannon K - smart bomb L - reverse ESC - quit This...
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    Beta Pandora Pool Panic Beta

    *edit* Pandora .pnd Anyone fancy testing this little pool game for me? Windows version of my first Pandora game (a Gp2X conversion) and the precursor to a internet multiplayer pool game. Q=up, A=dw, O=lf, P=rg, M=shoot, I=start...
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    One Last Hooray!

    Yosemite Sam Versus Marvin The Martian ((On The Moon) Unfinshed) Get it HERE
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    Pool Panic

    Hello all, this is my Blast Billiards type game 'Pool Panic'. Pot all the balls before the timer runs out to complete level. Some levels require you to pot the balls into a set number of 'magic' pockets to complete. Joystick: move cursor, B: Shoot, SELECT:pause, START+SELECT: quit to main...
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    2d Level Designer

    Nice little tile-based level design tool. Requires Java. Array Painter
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    My Blast Billiards Game

    Early demo of my Blast Billiards clone, Pool Panic. Get it HERE (<200k) B = shoot Y = randomise table START = quit Any comments or feedback welcome :D
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    Great Customer Service

    I lost my joystick cap. Send an email to to see if they had any in stock. Got a reply from Jacquelyn within 15 minutes saying she had one left! Sent my payment via pay pal. Just got a reply saying it will be sent tonight! Excellent stuff made all the more extraordinary by the value...