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  1. tdude10

    ALSA Mixer Has No Output Device

    After Re-flashing Superzaxxon final due to system corruption, my sound output device has decided it doesn't exist.  I can go to mixer settings and enable CAPTURE devices (analog, analog auxL, mic, etc.) but there is no disabled OUTPUT device that I can enable.  Is there a firmware update I...
  2. tdude10

    How to make a file in rules.d?

    I'm trying to get my wiimote paired with my pandora right now, and to do so I need to create a .rules file in etc\udev\rules.d and when I try i get "Failed to save document, permission denied". How can I get around this? I am the system admin, so how can I be denied? :wacko: Thanx in advance!
  3. tdude10

    a mupen64 question

    Please excuse if this is the wrong subforum, (it seemed the best to me) I've had my pandora in hand for maybe 24 hours now, and one thing has jumped at me: Lack of good N64 emulation. Mupen64plus emulates semi-laggy without sound, and with souund its nightmarish. For me, sound is just as...