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  1. Jengo

    How To Use Mp3 Lyrics Feature?

    I just read in the Caanoo manual (included on the CDROM with your caanoo) that you can use lyrics in your music. How do i set up my caanoo to display the lyrics? The manual says there must be a lyrics file present, how can i do this? Thanks for any information! :)
  2. Jengo

    New Bgd Runtime Released!

    Finally a fix for the speed bug that has been plaguing games that use BGD Runtime since the new firmware update. Now we can play all those BGD games at regular speed again! The list of games that use BGD Runtime are the following: PiX Bros Escape from Zombie City Wip 3 Fire Whip Snake on Dope...
  3. Jengo

    Gngeo Problems

    When i try to play Metal Slug 5 or some of the King of Fighters games everything is black except for "insert coin", sound is normal i can hear everything but i cant see anything its just black. Anyone know why this happens and if there is a way to fix it? Thanks!
  4. Jengo

    Gpsp Is Out!

    So GPSP came out today and it plays pretty darn good, but there is one instant fail. No deadzones in the menus makes changing the options almost impossible. Other then that its great! :) check it out at openhandhelds,0,0,0,71,529 EDIT...
  5. Jengo

    Gngeo Help Please

    I need help!! For some reason my PC wont run datutil correctly so i need someone to please help me use datutil to convert the gngeo.dat to gngeo.rdt thanks!
  6. Jengo

    I Love My Black/blue Caanoo! :)

    Ever since i got my caanoo i have been neglecting the rest of my video game collection, i just love this thing! Its so aesthetically pleasing and it feels like a real quality product! Oh and the joystick doesnt bother me at all, in fact i love it! It works surprisingly good! :) If you still...
  7. Jengo

    What Are The Extra Formats And Resolutions That Mplayer Supports?

    So in addition to what the caanoo can already do, what are the benefits of Mplayer? Does it offer extra resolution support or extra codec support? Sorry for this silly question, i just want to know what mplayer can really do! Thanks!
  8. Jengo

    How Did You Start Out Developing?

    I want to start out learning how to program. I've bought books but they seem to be very confusing. How did you start? What would be a good step in the right direction for beginners?? Thanks for any help!
  9. Jengo

    How Reliable Is

    I Read on DCEmu forums that was unreliable, is this true? I ordered my 2nd caanoo through on ebay, i still havent gotten a reply from them, how reliable are they? Should I be Worried? Thanks!
  10. Jengo

    Caanoo / WIZ Adding More Codecs To The Caanoo?

    I have lots of media in lots of different codecs such as .rmvb, .mkv, and .ogm. How difficult would it be to upgrade the media capabilities?
  11. Jengo

    Lifespan On Caanoo?

    I was wondering how long GPH Plan on supporting the Caanoo before releasing another handheld? Some of my friends want to get a Caanoo but they say that GPH Systems are only out for like 1 year then they get replaced (like the WiZ). Has GPH ever talked about its plans for the Caanoo? Thanks for...
  12. Jengo

    Best Commercial Games For Caanoo?

    What are the best commercial games for the caanoo that are currently available? (as in funnest/most entertaining)? Are there any review sites for caanoo games? Thanks!
  13. Jengo

    List Of Fully Working Emus For Caanoo?

    I was wondering, is anyone putting together a list of working Emus for Caanoo? And if so where can i find this list? Thanks!
  14. Jengo

    Official Ginge Request Thread!

    I was reading around on how to get GP2X and GP2X Wiz apps/emus working on Caanoo and the best option would probably be to bring GINGE to the Caanoo. I wish i was a dev so i could help do it, but i dont know much about coding so here is my plea: Please! pretty pretty please with a cherry on top...
  15. Jengo

    GP32 How Long Did It Take You To Learn C++?

    Well, i dont really know how long it takes to learn C++, im just taking my time and trying to learn this as best i can (its my first programming language). How long did it take you to learn your preffered language? Did you struggle? Did you learn from a book or school or what? Why did you...
  16. Jengo

    GP32 Here Is A Few C And C++ Online Tutorials!

    I was looking for more information on C++ to go a long with the book i have bought (for the best understanding of C++ of course) and i came along a site with a bunch of Programming tutorials. View it HERE enjoy!
  17. Jengo

    GP32 Is It Me Or Is C++ Very Mathimatically Intensive?

    Well, i just bought C++ for dummies, and it is really intersting, im on about the second chapter. For some reason a lof of what goes on has to do a lot with math, mostly algebra 1, but im not that far into the book. Does C++ get more mathimatically intense?
  18. Jengo

    Is Neo Geo Emulation Possible On The Gp2x?

    Do you guys think it would be possible? I mean.. its pretty complex hardware, and the only good emulators for Neo Geo that I know of (not CD!!!) are on PC only.
  19. Jengo

    Ive Started A New Yahoo Gp2x Mailing Group!

    Ive just started a new Yahoo Group Dedicated to the GP2X, this group is for discussion and info on GP2X!! go ahead and Join if you like!! please!! (if it gets big i will be updating it regularly!!) gp32_console
  20. Jengo

    What Are You Saving Up For? Xgp Or Gp2x?

    Im goin for the GP2X