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  1. jaycee900

    Avoid This Retailer

    Bought a UG007B off wiigoo....all I can say is a cheap piece of Chinese rubbish..doesn't work, picture flickers on hdmi, emailed for help, links he gave dont exist and won't refund full amount, have opened paypal claim...I don't want others to fall for this Conman and lose money.
  2. jaycee900

    Don't Buy From Wiigoo

    Bought a UG007B off wiigoo....all I can say is a cheap piece of Chinese rubbish..doesn't work, picture flickers on hdmi, emailed for help, links he gave dont exist and won't refund full amount, tries to wriggle out of it with countless emails, so I have opened paypal claim...I don't want others...
  3. jaycee900

    Bad News

    Yeah i was until i found this page and saw specs though in russian, has a jz4755 xburst 400mhz CPU, 64mb ram, same res and size screen as me this offers nothing new to the scene and even worse with a widescreen thats crap for emulation needs... come on guys 400mhz mobile cpus are 6-7...
  4. jaycee900

    Samsung 16Gb Class 6 Sdhc Card Uk

    This is isn't bad for £39.99 out 13th oct, not sure what speed it is though, but the prices are getting down play
  5. jaycee900

    Why Are So Many Selling Their Pandora On Ebay

    I've just put mine up on ebay My Pandora on ebay I don't use it enough to warrant holding onto it, i'd rather sell it to someone who would use it more, think i'm getting old as i told my missus not to get me a 360 for xmas!
  6. jaycee900

    Gizmondo Emulation Possible?

    Can't see this being possible, there's not even a PC emulator to base one on, plus the nvidia chip probably isnt well documented enough, and as someone said like a few other handhelds that flopped there isnt enough exclusive material to warrant a Gizmondo emulator, even i know that! Not slating...
  7. jaycee900

    Release Picodrive Released

    Hey Notaz, any chance of releasing another update with 32X support soon? I know you've been busy with Ginge, wifi drivers etc etc But even the few that have played the beta version with 32X support said its still running great, i know you want it the best you can, but to me and others seeing the...
  8. jaycee900

    Beta Hotfix 4 - Beta 2

    hi Ed, in minimenu i can turn on wifi and load a browser, but i cant log on, so i have to go the desktop and use email and the web browsers on that and reboot to get back to minimenu, any chance of fixing this issue in a later update? Thanks
  9. jaycee900

    Release Pingus 0.7.3

    Fantastic, love Lemmings so will give this a try after I've cooked the sunday roast lol thanks again! Edit: had a go before dins lol nice little game, shame there is only 22 levels in total and considering the project is 13 years young! CPU wise 650+MHz seems to stop the music stuttering on...
  10. jaycee900

    Dreamcast Emu? his blog is here, some sources, though still waiting for the rest
  11. jaycee900

    Dreamcast Emu?

    I'm sure Dark said he could get 50% + more performance from the last vid, I think games like Crazy Taxi could be semi playable, though intensive games like Shenmue would take a lot more to get running, but getting any DC games to run would be a bonus.
  12. jaycee900

    Pandora And Gph?

    Yeah we had a few devs from this scene give their hand too a few projects which we were of course grateful to get emulators up and running, Notaz, Zod, Squidge et al , so between 2006-7 after Gizmondo failed as a business there was a nice little scene going, even now the odd release shows up...
  13. jaycee900

    Videopac Emulators?

    There isn't one yet, but I'm sure as more people get pandas every month every possible emulator will be released at some point.
  14. jaycee900

    Release Pandora-Atari: Atari 800/130/5200 Emulator For Pandora V1.1.0

    Excellent thank you! This completes the 8bit atari emulation, just need a jaguar emulator and my atari sd card is complete!
  15. jaycee900

    Psx For Pandora Compatibility List

    It's a great wip tbh works alot better than it did a couple of months ago, but the main problem is compatibility, of course still missing cd audio and gpu support but just getting it more compatible is worrying, maybe someone will port, combine Francis new wiz ps1 emu when he releases the source...
  16. jaycee900

    Psx For Pandora Compatibility List

    God had to find this thread on page 8! This needs stickying or at least make an emulator forum to keep it all together mod people! Anyway been playing Road Rash alot recently MD/GG/MS/MCD versions and thought it time to try the PS1 versions and see if they work on the latest build, so heres the...
  17. jaycee900

    To Help Make A Top 100 Uae4All Games Compatability List.

    Bloody hell john that will take months! no disrespect to your effort to do this, maybe a simpler list contributed by everyone with the games highlighted in red for the ones that don't work, then people can go and try and find a different cracked version that maybe does work, of course upto you...
  18. jaycee900

    Release Elemental 0.2 Released

    Hi, thanks for this, had a go last night and couldn't stop playing it very addictive!
  19. jaycee900

    Release Pandora-Lopan : Mahjong Game For Pandora V10

    Hi, thanks ZX-81 was playing this last night to till my eyes were bleeding! i still got stuck though! Any chance of an options screen with maybe a option hint of the next two tiles? Thanks again :)
  20. jaycee900

    Release Reword 0.5.1 Released

    Hi, thanks for the port, i love playing these word games on my ipod touch, can't wait to try your version out cheers!