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    Wanna watch an old computer render? You're in luck!

    Finally got my VGA capture device and to celebrate I have my beloved PowerMac 7100 rendering a little animation for me. Take a look!
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    Apogee - a godot space game

    I've been working on a little space game recently. Thought I'd show off my progress and solicit suggestions from the people here. In THIS THREAD folks gave me some comments. I'll respond to them here: Okay FIRSTLY: Yeah all the ships are...
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    Nectarine Demoscene Radio Dead?

    Sat down to start my work day, loaded up the website I use for all my working jams: only to be given this bit of sad news: Nectarine is no more It's been fun while it lasted. Now give it a rest. Don't mail me. Look, i don't like it either. But for the time beeing it needed...
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    What is your favourite part of the Pandora legend?

    So the Pandora is a device with a very complex history from conception to release. In the short time I've had mine I've become quite enthusiastic about it. Both the device and the tale surrounding its genesis. I'm going to do a short video about my Pandora in the next few weeks and I wanted to...
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    Petri Dish - Getting a PND together.

    Hello all, I've been bitten by the python bug and I want to get a game on my favourite handheld system; the Pandy! So here is where I'm at: I have started writing a 'game', its more of a sim inspired by SimLife. The aim of the game will be adjusting the ratio of organisms in the dish to create...
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    MST3k 2017

    I know there must be people on here watching the new season, Trashy; lookin' at you. So far I have some complaints, but man is it great to have it back for the most part. What do you think, sirs?
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    The Pandora: An Essential Ras-Pi Tool!

    Okay so the past few weeks I've fallen COMPLETELY down the rabbit hole learning about different single board computers. From the Chip, to the Raspi and hopefully soon the banana and orange variety. Maybe a beagle board in the future? Either way I know that no matter what I get I will have one...
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    My expectations VS the reality.

    Okay so all of you working on the Pyra either with ED or as testers with the OMAP boards I would appreciate it if you could help me hit/miss this list of expectations for the Pyra so I can avoid being unrealistic. I'm wondering if these things are ALREADY possible, WILL BE possible, or are NOT...
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    Happy Halloween!

    Hey nerds. Check out this sweet Blade Runner Blaster prop I made for my costume this year. What are you all doing for halloween? Anyone dressing up as a Pyra?
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    Everyone is from Canada?

    I'm noticing little flags next to everyone's profile info near their avatar on the left, for most people this appears to be a Canadian flag. Even ED shows up as being from Canada. HUH?
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    Don't ya just hate it...

    When you're all set to take your bathroom break at work, you reach into your bag and all of a sudden GASP No Pandora... That was my day yesterday. Every time I went to the bathroom I was left to gaming on my smartphone. It was nearly intolerable.
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    So Cyan's latest adventure dropped today. I couldn't be more excited. Myst was, quite simply, one of the most inspiring works of the 90's to me as a child. I don't think I ever beat the game all on my own, I always needed help from my friends, so it became this really fascinating cultural...
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    Verteron - a custom theme.

    Hey all, I've never found a theme on the Pandora that suited my tastes so recently, building off of the dusk theme I adjusted the colour values to produce this theme, which I call "Verteron". It uses a lot of black and bright green and classy folks and those with a sense of taste need not...
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    The Ballad of Modern Devices

    I get a Samsung Rugby i547 smartphone for cheap. Hurray, I think, I can install a custom rom and use this a beater for when I go hiking and whatnot. Okay, I find the superthread for the device in question on XDA. What a great community, its full of people making new roms and sharing...
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    We've come a long way, baby.

    Was over in England for a wedding and took some time to go to the National Computer Museum here. Got a chance to see the Colossus, an arguable pre-cursor to the modern computer and couldn't help but take a quick pic of my Pandora. I don't want to get into a debate about how the Colossus isn't...
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    Bizarre crowd funding failure video

    Check out this absolutely baffling "We embezzled your money video". Reminds me of the ballad of the pandora.
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    SD won't auto-mount.

    Hey all. Noob question for ya; When my pandora starts up or when I put in the SD card it no longer auto mounts my sd card. It shows it greyed out in thunar (it will mount it if I then click on the greyed out name), and when I look in the /media/ folder I see that it has started making new...
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    Marathon - Aleph One

    I'm loving playing through the Marathon trilogy on the go, but the best part of Marathon to me was always the custom maps and physics. Does anyone know how would I go about adding them to the game?
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    Microcontent Server?

    Does anyone have any advice as to where I should look for a capable microcontent server like tiddlywiki or the like? Is there something on the PND repo that would suit my needs? I don't have high performance demands, I'd just like to be able to use a browser to edit a small wiki on the pandora...
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    More 1GHZ Units in Dragonbox soon?

    I've heard that there will be some more 1GHZ pandora units in the store soon. Is this true?