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  1. SolarLune

    Blender Game Engine Runtime Port

    Hey. So, I know that this is a lot to ask, but I was wondering if anyone is fluent enough in C++ code to compile a runtime / method to play 3D Blender games on the Caanoo. It uses OpenGL, though I think the Caanoo uses OpenGL ES, so that is an issue. However, there already is a Linux and Mac...
  2. SolarLune

    Homebrewn Emulator Games

    Hey. So, I was looking around and found a nice NES game that someone had made named 'Super Bat Puncher!!!'. I watched the video - it looked pretty fun. At this, I thought, "Well, I'd like to play, but I don't have an NES emulator." I could have gotten one for the PC, but I didn't feel like it...
  3. SolarLune

    Gridspace - Work In Progress

    Hey. Most of you may not know me, but I'm SolarLune, an independent game developer. I just wanted to pop up and say that I've been working on an independent game of my own called GridSpace. It's made with the Blender Game Engine, it's going to be for Windows and hopefully Linux and Mac OS X. It...
  4. SolarLune

    What Do You Think The Gp3X / Caanoo 2 Should Have?

    Hey. Just wondering what people think the next console from GPH should have. The Caanoo is nice, and I like it a lot, but there's a few things that could be fixed to make it a bit more powerful. Here are my suggestions. Faster CPU (above 1ghz would be nice, but only if it's cost-effective - I...
  5. SolarLune

    Tutorial For Installing Games / Apps On Caanoo

    Hey, there. So I was wandering these forums, and I noticed that a lot of people like the Caanoo and do buy it, but are new to open-source handhelds, and so don't know how to handle usage of it. So, I created a tutorial on how to install downloaded games or applications for the Caanoo. It's...
  6. SolarLune

    New Bennugd Tutorial

    Hey, there. So, not too long ago, I started a blog called Game Up!, with the main feature being that it holds tutorials for game development (just a basic 'Hello World' one for BennuGD and an introductory one for the Blender Game Engine, a 2D / 3D Game Engine for PCs. Here's the link to it...
  7. SolarLune


    Hey. So I was timing something, and I had my Caanoo in my hand, and I thought, "Why can't I have a timer on my Caanoo?"... So, a couple of hours in development later, here's version 1.0 of CanTime, the Timer for Caanoo. There's a readme text file included about how to operate the app, but it's...
  8. SolarLune

    Caanoo / WIZ How To Create A Script For The Caanoo To Run?

    I'm trying to learn a bit of LOVE and Lua to build a game, but for some reason, I'm having a real problem creating the .gpe script to run the interpreter - does anyone know how to make a Caanoo-compatible script? I've tried using Notepad++ and Komodo Edit and change the line endings to Unix, but...
  9. SolarLune

    Snes9X4C Save States Invalid?

    Hey. So I'm just wondering why it is that when I load a save state that I saved earlier, it loads fine, but the sound is broken from then on (the music is paused), and then moving through different rooms doesn't work either - the game freezes when it needs to 'load'.
  10. SolarLune

    Pygame Port?

    Hey. Just wondering what the chances are of a port of Pygame, preferably one with per-pixel collision detection (it's already built in Pygame 1.8, I think). That would be great for development (I find SDL hard with its C++ chicanery and BennuGD not nearly structured enough... And the help is in...
  11. SolarLune

    Bennugd Runtime Feature Requests

    Hey. So I really like that users who don't like the built-in SDK have an alternative of using BennuGD. Also, thanks to Splinter for porting this over and even including the G-Sensor. It would be nice if the runtime also supported G-Sensor forces (like if I drop or throw the Caanoo... Though I'd...
  12. SolarLune

    Ide For Bennugd

    So in my short time using BennuGD, I've found Notepad++ and ConTEXT both ineffectual at the job. Notepad++ (the one that comes with the BennuTools pack?) didn't have a console, and while ConTEXT did have one, it didn't scroll down to the last line while running a game (useful for debugging)...
  13. SolarLune

    Bennugd Hello World Tutorial

    OK, so I'm trying to build the Hello World tutorial from that French website (Google Translate translated the page. The tutorial) - it works absolutely FINE on my Windows computer. However, when I try to run it on the Caanoo, it just freezes on "Loading...". The compiled file is fine - it works...
  14. SolarLune

    G-Sensor In Mame Requiring Tilting To Insert Coin?

    Is it just me, or does enabling the G-Sensor in MAME require that you hold the Caanoo on its side to insert coins? Maybe it's just me... Is it? :huh: Also, is there a way to change what the tilt sensor controls (can you make it so that tilting it would trigger buttons rather than the...
  15. SolarLune

    File Browser

    Hey, there. So for my second (?) post here on, I'd like to request an official file browser. The built-in explorer is just a mashed together version of the specialized explorer (shows emulators, games, apps, etc. Rather than folders and files). For example, if I wanted to go into my...