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  1. cosurgi


    Is pandorapress dead? I'm still waiting for the update about pandora rebirth competition ;)
  2. cosurgi

    Darwinia, Multiwinia, DEFCON, and Uplink! source code!

    Guys, this is my wildest dreams come true. Introversion is giving away the source code. Though I didn't get it yet, because I barely have time to sleep right now, not mentioning porting that to pandora. But I hope that someone here will try? :)
  3. cosurgi

    Singularity requires numpy

    Hi, I just tried to run singularity. It's all in python so I just copied all files from debian to pandora and ran it. And I got error message: singularity requires numpy. I tried 'opkg install python-numpy' but I wasn't that lucky. Any ideas?
  4. cosurgi

    PandoraPress: Featured Game of The Week

    Hi, I just discovered Super Geometry Dust, and it's a great game. And I discovered it because it was mentioned on pandora press. So now I have an idea, which will help me and others to discover many great games for pandora. Pick the best game for current week - and write about just one game...
  5. cosurgi

    How to track battery life - instructions

    Hi, sorry if this is wrong section, but I think that most of battery-related problems will appear here. So this is why I decided to post this here. I was worried that my battery has problems and so I had setup a simple script for tracking battery life. I have records from more than a week...
  6. cosurgi

    xfce file manager cannot dive into subdir?

    Hi, I rarely use xfce file manager, because I prefer midnight commander. But this problem occurs actually from the beginning, and still isn't fixed in hotfix 5 (full reflash). I just never bothered to post about that. When I open file manager I can dive into subdir only one level deep - the...
  7. cosurgi

    battery out of juice in the evening :(

    Hi, today morning I unplugged fully charged pandora, as usual. I commute about 1h to work, so I was using pandora of course during that time. When I arrived, I closed the lid, but forgot to snooze, or turn off. When I was going back home, about 9 hours later - pandora battery was showing 1h22...
  8. cosurgi

    cellphone bluetooth HOT ??

    Hi, did you notice that after using cellphone-bluetooth for internet with pandora - it gets warm, and after an hour it's even almost hot? Is my phone broken are you have observed similar thing? My brother told me, that bluetooth requires a lot of energy to transmit data and that's why it's...
  9. cosurgi

    vtun for pandora?

    Hi, I want to add pandora to my virtual private network, and all my PCs are using vtun for that. Whole infrastructure is configured around vtun. So I need vtun on pandora, like this one: I tried to use it, but it doesn't work: the connection opens (I...
  10. cosurgi

    How to disable ctrl-F8 shortcut?

    Hi, so I was working in vim, and I pressed ctrl-F8 to close :grep output window. And suddenly my workspace changed to "workspace 8" ! I went mad and opened `window manager` settings. I found keyboard shortcuts including those responsible for changing workspaces. So it is here. I want to...
  11. cosurgi

    Frontier Elite 2 which works?

    Hi, has anybody seen a version of Elite 2 which actually works on Pandora? I've seen some zipped .pnd somewhere but I could never get this to work. I was trying to play in dosbox, but that was too slow, and mouse in dosbox is broken... help anyone?
  12. cosurgi

    A tight water(weather)proof plastic/leather bag(case)?

    Hi, I ordered my Pandora with that soft case (which we all have seen), but I never used that case - it's too big to fit in my pockets. In fact it almost doubles the volume of Pandora. Today is raining, and it just occurred to me: 1) Pandora is for outside-of-home use 2) most of the time...
  13. cosurgi

    32GB SDHC card problems...

    I bought a class 10 32GB kingston (the red one), and I had nothing but problems with it. I made two partitions: first a very big one in ext2, and at the end a small 500MB for swap. Then I tried to install Pandebian.pnd on it. And I got lots of filesystem errors. I tried several times, and...
  14. cosurgi

    static discharge from R-button

    Hi, pandora is charging, and pandebian is still installing (like 6 hours now). I picked it and while picking I felt a small static electric discharge between the top edge of R button and my fingers. R button is all plastic, so I don't know how it could get statically charged... Should I...
  15. cosurgi

    HF5 max clock speed?

    Hi, after reflashing with HF5 I noticed that the clock-speed utility in system menu has maximum clock speed reduced to 800MHz. How can I change it back to 900MHz, which was in HF4 ?
  16. cosurgi

    HF5 bug report

    I just reflashed with HF5, and it turns out that I cannot make shortcuts on the desktop. I turns out that a simple: sudo chown janek.janek Desktop/ fixes the problem. BTW: I think that there was a place for reporting bugs, can you remind me?
  17. cosurgi

    Dosbox + stylus = disaster

    Hi, I was playing Warlords-2, but after first turn it actually occurred to me that I am only trying to play it, while it is impossible. To my great disappointment. Problem is that tapping with stylus on the screen sends click events in a totally different place of the screen. This is...
  18. cosurgi

    MyPaint picture gallery

    Thanks to First, we have MyPaint with pressure suport, and we started making nice pictures: I think that we should make some kind of gallery somewhere, just to share our nice paintings. That other thread isn't visited too often, so maybe at first here, and later - I don't know - on wiki? How...
  19. cosurgi

    You favourite nubs, L-R buttons setup?

    How did you configure your L-R & nubs, input devices? I use: L - left mouse button R - right mouse button left nub - mouse scrolling right nub - mouse movement I got very used to this.
  20. cosurgi

    Mapping Fn+arrow to change workspace

    Pressing Alt+Ctrl+arrow to change workspace isn't comfortable. I just came with the idea to use Fn, but xev isn't reporting Fn+arrow as something different, it's just and arrow. So I need to modify something (no idea what) so that pressing Fn+arrow will be registered as a key different than...