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  1. Bronek

    Again about VFAT

    As it turns out, it is now possible to totally turn off generation of short names in manner "compatible" with Windows, thus steering clear of potential patent trouble. The patch is being reviewed by patent lawyers, to ensure it fulfils this purpose. More here...
  2. Bronek

    Fat File System Licensing?

    Just want to ensure that OpenPandore won"t have to dig deep in the pockets to pay the lawyers (as TomTom did, but they can afford it). If OpenPandora is to handle FAT file system, which I think is standard in SD cards (e.g. formatted by digital cameras - just to point where this de facto...
  3. Bronek

    Alarm clock?

    Will it be possible to set an alarm clock and put Pandora to sleep, assured that it will automatically wake up (and me too) at the specified time? In other words, is RTC clock alone capable of resuming the device?
  4. Bronek

    How are you going to use your Pandora?

    I was wondering what's the balance between categories of users in Pandora community. I am not asking for specific programs that you want to use (there is separate topic for that), unless the program is "one of its kind" or there is simply no good replacement (e.g. due to existing user accounts...