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  1. sukhi-2006


    I know this forum about pandora not laptop, i need some help which laptop is one for me. I'm looking to buy high end laptop which should have a good graphics card and should have windows xp.
  2. sukhi-2006

    Pandora delayed

    I've heard that pandora has been delayed till December or January, some people who payed by credit cards and debit cards will get the money refunded because of bank account changes, so be aware of this.
  3. sukhi-2006

    Will pc ports come to pandora

    I want some of these ported to pandora Devil may cry 3,4,lost planet,resident evil 4,warriors orochi,virtua tennis 3,sega rally revo,sonic heroes, is this possible if this happens it will be amazing.
  4. sukhi-2006

    Sega dreamcast emulator on pandora is it possible?

    I really want to play dreamcast on portable system, will the dc emulator appear on pandora, i've heard nulldc is getting ported to pandora.
  5. sukhi-2006


    I have a 8Gb sdhc card, I have vista home premium os which doesn't recognise it, in my computer it should come with k drive but that doesn't appear, how can i make my sdhc card work.
  6. sukhi-2006

    Packard Bell Ixtreme 6052 Intel Celeron 2.7ghz,160 Gb Hard Drive

    I'm selling Packard bell IXtreme 6052 pc which is in white color and has 2 drives in excellent condition and fully boxed with manuals, here are the specs for the pc: 1) Packard bell intel celeron 2.7GHZ processor 2) 160GB Hard drive 3) 1.25GB DDR memory 4) 2 drives (dvd player & dvd writer) 5)...
  7. sukhi-2006

    Pc Sega Dreamcast Emulator

    I can't get chankast emulator to run roms they don't work, i'm using daemon tools lite for virtual drive i've mounted the image to f:/ drive what do i do next i can't figure it out, any help will do.
  8. sukhi-2006

    Pc Games Sites

    can anyone provide any pc site where i can get free pc games from?
  9. sukhi-2006

    How To Install Windows Xp Professional

    I want to install windows xp, can anyone tell me how to do it.
  10. sukhi-2006

    Pc Image Files Problem

    I have few image disc files for pc games, i can't make cd's using alcohol 120% software. I've made few with alcohol 120% and none of them can be made by nero 6.3 softwares I've just made few of them which work perfect but i can't make rest of them why is this happening.
  11. sukhi-2006

    Best Emulstors On Pc

    I just wanted to know what's he best pc emulators from the following list: 1)super nintendo 2)nintendo 64 3)sony playstation 4)megadrive 32x 5)neo geo mvs 6)cps1,cps2,cps3
  12. sukhi-2006

    Photo Program

    I need help on pictures how to remove some things on the face clear the bags under the eyes (meaning person's face) like a self portrait of a person.
  13. sukhi-2006

    Sony Psp Eboot Files

    I have psp eboot game files i want to turn them back to iso files how do i do that?
  14. sukhi-2006

    What's The Best Sega Saturn Emulator

    I'm looking for a saturn emulator for the pc, all of the emulators i tried don't work.
  15. sukhi-2006

    Gp2x Vs Pandora

    We all know a new console always have better specs than the previous consoles, the gp2x has decent specs if not better than pandora, what differences will we have between the 2 consoles, they won't be huge difference when it comes to emulators, the gp2x last emulator is psx,jaguar and there...
  16. sukhi-2006

    Sega Saturn Ports

    I want to see some sega saturn games ported to gp2x asap, as we know saturn emulator can't be made on gp2x best way to see saturn games by porting them over to gp2x can anyone do it, here are the games i want to see: *sonic 3d *sonic r *virtua fighter 1,2 *sega rally *nights *christmas nights...
  17. sukhi-2006

    Bluetooth Application

    I need bluetooth application for my gp2x which i can send and receive mp3 and photos.
  18. sukhi-2006

    Best Console Systems

    We had so many consoles released in the past years, saturn and dreamcast are best consoles for games not even one console is good as these, of course the mega drive,mega cd were amazing consoles few from nintendo side snes,gba,n64,wii. Now we have the wii,xbox 360,ps3 the most awful console has...
  19. sukhi-2006

    Explosiv Pack

    I'm selling a explosiv pack for pc which has 9 games, actually this was 10 game pack one game is missing which is house of the dead here are games in the pack: 1)call to power 2 2)combat chess 3)pro pinball big race usa 4)Quake 2 5)sega rally championship 6)sonic 3d 7)sonic racer 8)virtua cop 2...
  20. sukhi-2006

    New Gph Console Coming Out

    So the biggest rumour is that gph will be releasing a new console no dates given as yet it certainly going to more powerful than gp2x f-200. The new machine model is f-800 which will have 800mhz maybe more and it will do overclocking,more ram,powerful 3d accelerator,dual core,rechargeable...