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    Fs: Gp2x With 2 Sd Cards And Charger!

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    Tablet Pc Headache...

    Ok, I recently bought a Compaq Tablet TC 1000,00.htm for two reasons. 1. I've always wanted one, 2. The tablet function will be incredibly useful for my last year of uni. What I want to do however when it arrives is use it as a monitor for...
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    Is There An Audio Player With A True Shuffle?

    I use my GP2x to play music alot (I sold my Nano to fund buying it) however I've noticed that the shuffle feature always plays in the same order depending on what song you start on. I understand that getting shuffle to be completely random is difficult without something like the time as a seed...
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    M.a.m.e Noob

    Despite being a pretty big retro head I find individual emulators have always been at the forefront of my gaming habit, the GP2x is the only platform I've ever used mame on...and I'm confused. In some review videos (such as craigs GP2x review) I've noticed that games are played in mame that are...
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    Gp2x Cut Out Problem When Knocked...

    I've had my GP2X for a few weeks now and have been very careful with it, however recently a slight knock to the system causes it to switch off or crash, as if the batteries are dying. I'm guessing it's something to do with the battery connectors or a loose wire inside but before I start ripping...
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    Black Sega Dreamcast For Sale My Black Sega Dreamcast - I've hit some money problems, has to go, if anyone wants to make an outside offer then PM me. I also have a japanese skeleton keyboard and mouse for sale, as well as some other stuff, check my other items. :)
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    Learning French

    Bonjour! Recently decided that a second language would probably do my degree the world of good. Seeing as I did french all throughout school I thought it would be a good idea to pick it up again and see if I could learn it comprehensively. However I need to know where to start, I can't really...
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    Dreamcast Case Mods

    After a whole year of not owning a Dreamcast (swapped my huge collection for a DS sometime ago) I was beginning to miss it dearly, and so I bought a new one on ebay for £15. It hasn't arrived yet but I'd like to do something special for it when it arrives and was thinking of a case modification...
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    Need A Gmail Invitation For My Dad

    Hi guys and gals, My dad is looking for a Gmail account unfortunately I dont have any invitations left. If anyone has one spare it would be really great. Please send it to hugalll@'deletethis' Thanks in advance.
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    Mr England

    Tonight, at work (I work in a student bar) I got scouted for the 2006 Mr England competition, I was quite surprised by this. If I win it equals lots of money and a little bit of fame with a shot at the Mr world competition. That alone sounds like a reason to give it a shot but I'm no oil...
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    Psp 2.00, Usb, 2 Games, 1 Umd Movie..etc

    SOLD! man that was quick.
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    Gp32 Front And Back Casing

    Up on ebay I'm selling the front and back of a NLU GP32 in original white colour, sadly there is no battery cover screws or grey screeny bit but someone might find these useful. There's ever so slight damage to the bit around the power LED but the rest is fine, check out the auction for pics...
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    Quick Networking Question

    I've been setting up my Dads office with swanky new wireless routers and dongles etc. All of the PCs are now sitting on a lovely network, there's 3 of them in total all running fully updated copies of win XP pro and all using the same networking hardware and configurations. However one bastard...
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    A Few Wireless Questions

    I've had a little trouble with my laptop and the internet recently. I can't afford a wireless router at the moment and so have to drag my laptop to the communal room in my student house to get a direct connection. However I can't seem to recieve a complete connection, I'm stuck with a limited...
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    Psp Sickness

    Well that was a first. I just threw up all over my living room carpet after a 3 hour Burnout legends session in the dark. In the 16 years I've been playing games I have never suffered a side effect of non stop playing, I've avoided the warnings in the beginning of user manuals since the days...
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    Psp Digital Camera Images?

    Does anyone else have this folder sitting in the images section of there PSP? I was wondering what it was for,does it mean you can take your pro duo out of a sony camera and look at the photo's straight away on the PSP? I'm getting a k750i today with any luck it should allow me to view the...
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    Advent Children Released

    Released in japan yesterday and graced with subtitles. I can't wait to get home and set my DSL up for some heavy bandwith abuse. I have been waiting for this for far too long.
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    Psp Restore To Factory Default

    Someone on msnm just threw me a question I couldn't answer. Does resetting the PSP to factory default, reset the firmware version? My computer mind says dont be so silly thats stupid and impossible, but I'm at work and dont have my PSP with me and so cant test it. It wont work but what if it...
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    Psp From Ebay...worth The Risk?

    I let an auction slip today, a V1.5 PSP from a US ebay shop for £139.99 including P&P. It was a value pack, with a 'free' game, I let it go for two reasons; 1. Not enough free cash to spend on such a thing. 2. With all the scams and close downs, am I going to actually get a PSP? I'm a fairly...
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    Name Of A Tv Program

    A few years ago I started watching a program on ITV late at night. It was an american long running series which obvioulsy wasnt very popular hence the timeslot, but I rather enjoyed it. It was about a man (played by john goodman in the first episode) who gets hit by a train in the subway...