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    Eee Pc 1000H Monitor Troubles (Vga)

    Dear Readers, I hate to post this kind of question on this board (seeing as it is one for the Ubuntu forums), but I have yet to get a response from the Ubuntu forums. I have an eee PC 1000h which is currently running Ubuntu 9.10 netbook remix. A few days ago I purchased an Asus 20" LCD Monitor...
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    Problems With Grub2

    Dear Readers, Just installed Ubuntu 9.10 on my parents desktop. I noticed they implemented alot of new changes to this version, including Grub2. The Problem I am having with Grub2 is that due to a few kernel updates, the grub menu on their computer keeps getting bigger. What I am asking is, if...
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    Tpb Index

    Dear readers, Just wondering if anyone knows how to extract files out of a .db file. I recently downloaded "TPB Index torrent", and am not sure on how to extract the torrent files from the .db file. If anyone could assist me, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your help, -Spadoof
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    Your Advice Is Greatly Appriciated

    Dear Readers, As you can probably tell by the title, I'm looking for some advice. I want to get a electronic device for web browsing, ssh, music, videos and the occasional game. I have $250 to spend. I myself was thinking of a PSP Go, but the web browser kinda sucks and Sonys real anal about...
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    Question About The Ps3

    Dear Readers, Just wondering if anyone knew of a way, of backing up psx games and making them playable on a PS3, like any other game you would buy off of the playstation network. I saw something called "popstation" for psp, that does something along the lines of what I'm trying to accomplish. I...
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    Problem With Restoring A Iso Image To Cd.

    Dear Readers, I am having a strange problem with getting my .iso files to write to my cd's correctly and was wondering if anyone knew what I was doing wrong. Recently my classic P.S games are becoming slightly weathered and I wanted to keep my originals in excellent condition. So I backed them...
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    How-To Ssh Resources

    Dear Readers, Was just wondering if anyone could point me in the directions of How-To Setup SSH Resources. I have no prior exeperience with this so resources that take that into account would be greatly appriciated. What I want to do is setup a computer I can access via SSH. I know that you...
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    The Smartq 5 From

    Dear Readers, I was recently browsing and ran across there SmartQ 5 Hand-held. I looks like a nifty piece of hardware that would be great for on the go. I was even reading that it was ubuntu linux compatible. But I was wonder if I could get some questions answered from someone who...
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    Complete Ur-quan Masters Map

    Dear Readers, Just wondering if anyone happened to have a complete Ur-Quan masters map, which includes spheres of influence for all species, location of items and events, location of rainbow worlds, and quasispace all in a high resolution image. If so, please post! I have been searching the...
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    COMPLETE Ur-Quan Masters Map

    Dear Readers, Just wondering if anyone happened to have a complete Ur-Quan masters map, which includes spheres of influence for all species, location of items and events, location of rainbow worlds, and quasispace all in a high resolution image. If so, please post! I have been searching the...
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    C++ Help

    Dear readers, I am having trouble with a C++ and I was wondering if anyone could help. I feel semi-ashamed writing this post because it seems like it should be so simple but its not clicking in my head. For a class I am currently attending, we are supposed to take a file full of poorly written...
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    Looking For The Name Of A Game I Can''t Find

    Dear Readers, Ok........You guys have helped me find the name of games I couldn't remember before, so I hope you can help me this time. I will try to recall the game as best as I can for you in as much detail as I can muster. The name of the game I am looking for was on a compilation disc of...
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    Extremely Light Weight Linux

    Dear Readers, I just posted about installation troubles with the linux distro DSL (Damn small linux). While I really like it DSL, it just seems like to much of a hastle for maintaining and installing. I need a linux distro that meets this criteria. 1) Small, barley uses any resources on my...
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    Installing Dsl To Hard Drive

    Dear Readers, I have decided to install DSL (Damn Small Linux) to my hard drive. I currently am dual-booting Windows Xp Home Edition and Ubuntu 8.04 lts 32-bit. I have the grub menu already working fine. My question though involves the installation process of DSL. I have found a wiki tutorial...
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    Taking Apart A Snes Tutorial

    Dear readers, Just wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction for a tutorial about taking apart a Super Nintendo. Thanks in advance, -Spadoof :gp2x
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    Emulators On Dreamcast

    Dear Readers, I recently came across a Sega Dreamcast Game System. After looking around on the internet, I found that quite alot of homebrew, was made for the Sega Dreamcast along with Emulators. But, it seems I cannot figure out how to get them to work. What I need is either a very detailed...
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    Cracking A Ps1 Game

    Dear readers, I first off would like to say that hope that this is not against the rules of this forums. If it is, then please close it. My question is, has anyone been successful in cracking Ps1 games? By cracking, I mean being able to "back up" a original Ps1 game to another cd and being...
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    Homebrew Games That Seem To Be Lost

    Dear readers, Just wondering if anyone could help me out. There is a game I have been following for a while now called "fez". I check the main website( from time to time, but it seems that there has been no progress in the longest time. I was just wondering if anyone...
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    Looking For A Homebrew Game But Can't Find One.

    Dear Readers, Just wondering if there are any homebrew games out there comparible to the elder scroll series game. In that I mean a game that is has the same type of game play and not neccesarly 3D graphics. In other words, a 2-D version of oblivion and morrowind. I know that dozens of games...
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    Snes Custom Controls ( Pocketsnes )

    Dear Readers, Is there any possible way someone can implement custom controls into pocketsnes. I don't understand why you would add usb joystick support and not add custom controls. It becomes very annoying when picodrive and a couple of the Nes emulators, offer custom controls and yet...