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    Whats the Best of the Best for GP2X ?

    Today after years of having a GP2X F100 (infact one of the very early models) i today upgraded the firmware and enabled SDHC Support,so now my 8GB card has some usefull ness Whats the very best emulators per console to stick on the gp2x also with regards to Mame, what newish arcade games...
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    Thanks for the Tapwave Zodiac Archive

    I have owned a Tapwave Zodiac for years now and never fully utilized it but thanks to Evil Dragon at least now that is a reality, thanks for making the file archive, so many goodies to try :) ill have a beer for you tonight (got 120 pints brewed to drink now)
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    Idea for the Forum

    I wonder if theres a Facebook/Open ID mod/hack you can use to vastly help getting more people to use the board in the long run. One thing i mentioned to Craig was that i had a dream of a Homebrew Social Network, personally something along those lines would be awesome for the Legal Open Source...
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    Champions League Draw

    Just watched the draw and the english teams seem to have all done well apart from maybe spurs, but inter milan dont have jose this year so things may be different i personally think Barcalona will win it, they are just too damn good
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    Redemption: Liar - Plus Memorial 5 Arcade Games

    Newly released today for GP2X Wiz: features Big Scale and Breathtaking Scenario Gothic Style Background Music Over 200 Characters with diverse magical items Dynamic Action Role Playing Game 5 Arcade games included: Truxton, Wardner, HellFire, TigerHeli & SlapFlight Ships as SD card in...
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    Openbor V2.2000 Released

    Damon Caskey and the guys over at Lavalit the Openbor Community (Massive Community of gaming modders of the game Beats of Rage/OpenBor) a few days ago released a new version of Openbor for GP2X Heres whats new Release 2.2000! New features: subject_to_minz {int} - Model header command...
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    Time For Pandora News To Appear On Gp32x

    I noticed the new pandora Newz zone forum which is a step in the right direction, does this mean that Pandora News will start to show up on the main gp32x site, personally i think any news from developers who have the devkit should appear now on gp32x and get the mainstream buzzing even more...
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    If It Were Possible To Benchmark Pandora Etc

    If it were Possible to Benchmark Pandora, PSP, DS, GBA, Gizmondo, GP2X, GP32, JXD301 and say Tapwave Zodiac out of 100 would you rate the total capabilities of each system and this question is really to coders and pandora developers. because each system is different maybe out of 10 for certain...
  9. W Pandora Site ?

    Hey all and especially Hando/ED its very clear that this is the designated hub for the Pandora Community with the official forums here and the majority of the coders and designers here. Is there to be a Pandora News Section added to the main page with links to a Pandora file archive. i think...
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    Windows On The Pandora

    The EEEPC has become popular lately especially since now windowsp can run on it, now i know most hate windows but the pandora could become a rather appealing notebook/laptop for many casual users and especially those who wont move off windows. Now is it doable to somehow with device drivers...
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    B'lox! - New Gp2x Game

    zitpig has today released a new game for the GP2X, heres his release details: QUOTE Hi This is my first post here, so please be gentle! I've just finished developing a GP2X game for the current GLBasic/ competition, called B'lox! It's a puzzle game, where you need to move Sliders...
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    Eigertec Easy Access Leather Case Released

    Spotted this over at Play Asia and as far as i know its the first 3rd party case for the GP2X, heres a pic: Heres the details about the case: features Perfect fit for both GP2X-F200™ and the GP2X-F100™ console 2 pouches suitable for SD cards™ Holder for GP2X-F200™ touch pen Full access...
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    Dream Coding Grand Prix 2006

    DCEmu have announced the start of the Dream Coding Grand Prix 2006, an homebrew coding competition to create games or applications that covers PSP, Nintendo DS, Dreamcast, GP2X, GP32, Xbox, PS2, Gamecube, Gizmondo, Nokia N-Gage and Tapwave Zodiac the competition ends on Dec 31st 2006.
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    Masterpiece2x & Lostports2x

    Lostjared of PSP fame has just got himself a GP2X and ported some of his PSP games and demos over to GP2X. heres the info and links: MasterPiece2X This is a port of my favorite puzzle game, Its alot like Columns but runs great on the GP2X.. Attached to this thread includes the games...
  15. W Making People Pay For Downloads

    Ive been watching the PSPupdates site since it came along and with all that paying for membership stunt they pulled, well now they have a new server/download site and it looks like they will either charge a membership fee or charge for downloads, heres some comments posted at the updates site...
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    Dream Coding Grand Prix 2005

    Although this year the competition is Dreamcast Only theres plenty of chance of GP32 coders to port something over with the likes of Fenix, Doommods quake mods etc etc and games and emus too with any luck. Heres what i posted on my site: The second annnual (...
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    A2 Fenix Game

    A GP32 Fenix game by BUHOnero... anyone try it, i dont know spanish and cant work out the game and theres no screenshots
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    Freecnc/sdl free cnc and its sdl FreeCNC will be a free implementation of the Command & Conquer Game Engine written in SDL. It will support the original C&C graphics and audio, as well as Red Alert's data files.
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    Space Dodger

    Paul55 in this forum topic--> has released a great looking Space shootem up called Space Dodger, heres some more information: Download from here --> Leave feedback for Author here -->...
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    Dcemu Fenix Comp Vol 2

    Some great Fenix games are on dreamcast now :) Today ive a new compilation of 7 new Fenix games adapted over from the GP32 to the Dreamcast Console, heres some info on the 7 games: Download this new Fenix Compilation for the Dreamcast -->