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  1. Capn_Fish

    Linux Command Help (Yes I read the man page, first.)

    For what it's worth, you can drop the leading "./", eg: mv A*.zip A/
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    Pandora vs Samsung NC10 Netbook (looking for advice)

    Well, if you want gaming with basic web browsing, the Pandora's going to be hard to beat, especially the battery life. Control shouldn't be an issue (touchscreens make things easy), and just about every IM protocol should work fine. The only things I see a netbook having over the Pandora are...
  3. Capn_Fish

    Has the pandora been released yet?

    That sums up my views perfectly. Now I know what to tell people when they point out various "awesome" phones/PDAs/etc.
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    Ot - Help Choosing Linux Distro

    I generally get people set up with Ubuntu. I know it tends to work with little trouble, is fairly user-friendly, and has a large range of software. I recommend Gentoo for people who know their way around Linux, though (customization and speed!).
  5. Capn_Fish

    Local Network

    USB networking should be fine (I don't know if it will require using the OTG port or not, I don't remember the exact limitations of the Pandora in that respect). Perhaps more convenient would be using Ad-Hoc Wi-Fi. IIRC, you just set your channel/SSID the same as everybody else's, give yourself...
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    So What''ll You Be Doing For The Next 4-8 Weeks? As Of March 8

    I'll likely be playing PC games: -Fallout 3 -SW Battlefront (1) -Battlefield 1942 + expansions -Battlefield 2 + expansions And for the LAN/system-link parties: -Halo 1 & 3 -Rainbow Six Vegas 2 I'm actually hoping to spend more time coding than gaming, but the chances of that happening are...
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    Browser Performance On Pandora Out of the box, it would appear.
  8. Capn_Fish

    Getting Started With Opengl

    Just because your graphics card isn't "supported" doesn't mean it doesn't work. It runs fine (if slowly) on my Intel 855GM integrated graphics.
  9. Capn_Fish

    Pandora Building Pandora Distro

    Be warned that building will likely be quite slow unless you have a really fast computer. EDIT: Read here: CODE It's a better how-to, IMO. For "machine", you likely want "omap3-pandora"
  10. Capn_Fish

    Pandora Portrait Style

    It'll be fine, though web browsing probably won't be great at 480 pixels wide.
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    How Is Your Re-order Status?

    I had to cancel my order due to unforeseen events, in addition to not being able to reorder with a credit card. I'll definitely reorder from the second batch, though. I'm hoping to do some Pandora-related coding in the meantime.
  12. Capn_Fish

    Is There A Standard Model Format?

    OK, a couple more things: -It's open-source, right? -Could I have a link? A quick search (on Google) turned up nothing.
  13. Capn_Fish

    Is There A Standard Model Format?

    I'm basically just looking for some way to store models/textures/simple animations fairly easily and with little overhead. I don't need anything fancy. Is there a list/chart somewhere that sums some of the available/OSS ones up? Thanks.
  14. Capn_Fish

    Is There A Standard Model Format?

    Is there a standard format used for storing models/animations for games (or standard formats?)? I don't want to go about doing things "the wrong way," and am quite new to the field (of 3D graphics). Thanks.
  15. Capn_Fish

    Ipod/iphone Emulator?

    While OpenGL ES 2.0 not backward-compatible with 1.1, the Pandora DOES support 1.1 in addition to 2.0.
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    Pandora Porting App To Pandora

    It should be fine, though I haven't tried.
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    Games That You Can't Wait To Play On Your Pandora.

    I know that Aleph One doesn't need any fancy hardware to run in software mode (it runs on the Zaurus, 416 MHz PXA270 & 64MB RAM), but OGL mode is so much prettier, and probably won't work well unless ported to OGLES. Even if Quake3 isn't Urban Terror, they use the same engine, no? I could have...
  18. Capn_Fish

    Pandora Porting App To Pandora

    You CAN use SDL with OpenGL ES 2.0, but it takes a bit of work (eg, you access the X window in the SDL structure directly). See my OpenGL ES thread for info.
  19. Capn_Fish

    GP2X (noob) How Would I Get Started To Develop A Game?

    If you want to make games, C/C++ and SDL is my suggestion (I hear Python + Pygame is easy/fast (to code in), but Python is slow (as in run-time, fewer FPS)). There are good tutorials out there, but I've found it easiest to just get books. I have a "Focus on SDL" book that is pretty nice. Any...