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  1. DRK

    Auf zur CeBIT!

    Da ED angekündigt hatte einen Vortrag zu halten und die Pandora zu präsentieren habe ich jetzt vor zur CeBIT zu fahren. Und da im ursprünglichen Thread zum Blogpost auch schon Interesse an Mitfahrgelegenheiten bestand mach ich jetzt einfach mal einen Thread auf damit wir uns hier absprechen...
  2. DRK

    [V/T] Guitar Hero Les Paul Controller (X360) - suche Drumset

    Ich habe hier eine Nagelneue Guitar Hero 3 Gitarre (aka Les Paul Controller) für die Xbox 360. Sie ist absolut unbenutzt und noch komplett eingepackt. Dafür hätte ich am liebsten im Tausch ein GH Drumset, eventuell auch ein Rock Band 2 Drumset, oder notfalls auch der Klassiker: Geld natürlich...
  3. DRK

    [S] GBA-Flashcart

    Ich suche eine Flashcart für den GBA. Es kann ruhig eine mit sehr wenig Speicher sein, falls sie eingebauten hat. Allerdings sollte sie in der Größe den normalen GBA-Karten entsprechen, darf also nicht hinaus ragen.
  4. DRK


    Yeah, it already has been discussed a thousand times and more - where stays Fday? I few minutes ago i thought "I should get my GP out of the drawer again - but what will i put on it ? The GB emu definitely, but something was there that was very disturbing - right! The config saving. (And...
  5. DRK

    Verfasst am: EvilDragon @ Fr Dez 09, 2005 12:09

    Irgendwie liesst sich das doch ein wenig komisch! Wie wäre es mit "Verfasst von:" ?
  6. DRK

    Screen Cover Replacing

    Hey! I want to replace the screen cover of my FLU with a Glass screen, but i fear that i destroy my FLU! I already tried to remove the cover because i have some dust under the screen but i didnt get it. I also already took a look at this but i wont help me. HELP!!!
  7. DRK

    Need Some Spare Parts.

    Hi! I need some party for my GP: a USB cable, Power on switch and a Battery switch. The usb cable and the power on switch are the most important, because i know that gp32z sells battery covers.
  8. DRK

    Enhanced Eu Firmware

    Im am again using the official Firmware for my GP, because i like it most. Why? because it looks good and is really fast to handle. I also like Wind-ups, but i takes to much to time set it up, i often change software on GP. But the most thing i miss in the EU FW is a file manager to delete...
  9. DRK

    Bad Flash

    Great, i finally did it! Killed my GP with a bad flash. (and the flashing tool even told me that it was done!) Can someone who is living in germany reflash it for me with a JTAG cable??
  10. DRK

    Replacemant Parts

    Hi! I need a new power-on switch, i lost my when i fixed my stick.... And my battery cover is alslo broken. :( Someone have a broken GP and can sell me this parts? A glass screen would be cool too, but is no must.
  11. DRK

    Screwd Up Gp?

    IT all began a few month ago. My stick became loose, so i decided to apply the paper fix. But as dumb as i was, i removed a cable from the flu by opening the case too fast. And i had 0 soldiering skill... So my GP was laying around for a few weeks until i knew how to soldier it. My GP works...
  12. DRK

    Destroyed My Flu

    Hi! Recently i wantet to fix the Joystick of my flu, but by accident i removed the red cable from the back of the board. Can someone please post a picture or describe where i have to soldier it?
  13. DRK

    Need To Repair My Little Boy

    Hi, i tried to fix my Joystick a bit, because it becam very loose - if i shake my GP a bit the Stick is moving (without clicking)- so i had the idea ti put some paper in it. But then the red cable from the board which leads from the diodes was suddenly removed. O.O Can someone please give me a...
  14. DRK

    Blue Angelo Is Out!

    Today i received this email: Just wantet to mentioned it. .. or is it a fake?
  15. DRK

    Gp Osx

    Can someone please translate the Readme of GP OSX? I want to test it, but i dont know how to set up the menu, because i can't speak spanish.
  16. DRK

    Wolfenstein 3d

    I put Wolf3d in all the dirs, as specified, but it didnt run. Only Graphic bugs in the menu. I found the VGA files on the Homepage, and now the Game runs with no errors - to the third level. I use the exit, time kill, etc. will be countet, the screen with "get psyched" appears, the loading bar...
  17. DRK


    Hi! Everytime i put new GB roms in the GB dir, all the Savegames (Sram + quicksaves) will dissappear. The files are still there, but the emu creates new. It looks like the CRCss have changed. Can someone help me?
  18. DRK

    SecuMax Encryption/Decryption Tools

    I found this tools in the Gp32 site of Firefly. Does a DL of it exist? Umm...or...cabn i copy and run decrypted Games on my GP32 with the original Firmware? (Or usually with another Firmware?) P.S. Sorry for my bad english.
  19. DRK

    Genesis Emu??

    why does no Sega Genesis(Mega Drive) Emulator for GP32 exist?