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  1. Rikku2000

    Tailtale - Shippo No Puzzle

    Here are TailTale in Version 1.2, what we have do? Changelog: Remove some old Code thats unused. Add an Settings Menu to Setup the Game. Edit Title Background and remove the Controll Background Webpage: Have Fun! Rikku2000
  2. Rikku2000

    Release Tailtale For Pandora

    Hey guys, Pickle port for me my TailTale to Pandora if you want you can download here. Download Page:,0,0,0,25,475 TailTale is a tile-matching puzzle video game developed for open video game console. Have FUN! Rikku2000
  3. Rikku2000


    Here my first port of QuakeWorld v2.40 Note: This is not Quake its QuakeWorld so Online Multiplayer only. - Use WiFi to play online with Caanoo. Download: Client, Source
  4. Rikku2000

    Quake 1/2

    Here my prerelease of SDLQuake 1 and 2. I port Quake from SDLQuake and IOQuake2(Beta). Info: Quake2 have an scrren bug enable fullscreen and disable it the the screen works fine. Have FUN! Rikku2000 Download: SDLQuake Quake Demo IOQuake2 Quake2 Demo
  5. Rikku2000

    EasyRPG Port

    Version: Alpha Info: EasyRPG ist ein RPG Maker player welches spiele von RPG Maker 2k / 2k3 spielen kann. für weitere informationen lest euch die Readme datei durch. Bilder: Download: EasyRPG Player Caanoo - Update EasyRPG Player WIZ
  6. Rikku2000

    Easyrpg Port

    Version: 0.1 Info: EasyRPG is an RPG Maker player that plays RPG Maker 2k / 2k3 games. for more information read the readme file in download file. Photos:][/URL]][/URL]   Webpage:
  7. Rikku2000

    Caanoo Money

    I know now its hard to buy GP Money on net so i checkout my Playasia account and i found this link: 10000 GP Money Have FUN! Rikku2000
  8. Rikku2000


    QUAKE Here my new Quake port Netcode is fixed and work in Internet and WiFi game. DOWNLOAD Current support: SDL, NanoGL SDLQuake v1.0.9 SDLQuake(Mods) v1.0.9 GLQuake v1.0.9 - NanoGL GLQuake(Mods) v1.0.9 - NanoGL FAQ Q: Whats meaning in download the files with Mods? A: I add some Mods in...
  9. Rikku2000

    Bad News

    Hey guys i have a bad news for all WIZ/Caanoo users GPH is closed i talk with Simon from GPH. why GPH is Close? - Caanoo is to expensiv not much solds. - Smartphones like Apple/Android com over the Markt, thats reason no one buy the Caanoo. for now there is no Offcial statement from GPH.
  10. Rikku2000


    Here a small app i write in SDL Image: Cooming soon: - Rain sound Changelog: [v0.0.5] - Add Award for Skills [v0.0.4] - Moveing Enemys (Tank, Heli) [v0.0.4] - Number of Enemys [v0.0.4] - Option menu update [v0.0.4] - Weapon have diferent Shot times [v0.0.4] - Add Frameskip(use full for...
  11. Rikku2000

    Fv-1 Google Tv Box Android 2.2 Internet Tv Box

    I buy the FV-1 Google TV Box Android 2.2 Internet TV Box from DealExtreme OS: Android 2.2 CPU: Samsung S5PV210 1GHz RAM: 512MB DDR2 HDD: 4GB Extra: Bluetooth/WiFi(802.11b/g)/RJ45(LAN) Chinese TV / Eternal Legancy / Quake 3 Sword of Mana(GBA) / Terranigma(SNES) / Zelda(GBC) Mario64(N64)...
  12. Rikku2000

    Psp-Maps For All

    PSP-Maps v2.2 for All This is an port of PSP-Maps for OpenHandhelds Device. Thanks to: - Royale for PSP-Maps Changes: Version 5 - Enable Danzeff VKeyboard - Change some Menu design - Optimized to 320x240 - Fixed crash on Quit Download: CAANOO Version DINGOO Version WIZ Version(Cooming soon)
  13. Rikku2000

    PSP-Maps v2.2 für CAANOO

    Hab mal PSP-Maps für Caanoo portiert und habs auch gleich noch an die auflösung von 320x240 angepasst. Download: PSP-Maps
  14. Rikku2000

    Psp-Maps V2.2

    This is an port of PSP-Maps for GPH CAANOO Device. Thanks to: - Royale for PSP-Maps Changes: - Add CAANOO Controls - Enable Danzeff VKeyboard - Change some Menu design - Optimized to 320x240 - Fixed crash on Quit Download: PSP-Maps v2.2
  15. Rikku2000

    Vice V2.2

    VICE for CAANOO by RIKKU2000 This is an port of VICE C64 Emulator. Thanks to: Pickle and VICE-Team MIRROR: VICE v2.2 by Rikku2000 VICE v2.2 by OpenHandhelds
  16. Rikku2000

    First Views Of Vice

    I start porting Vice to caanoo here first images:
  17. Rikku2000

    Whats Your Favorite Game?

    My favorite Games on Caanoo is Tail-Tale and Quake I. Emulators are GPSP and SNES9X4C Whats your Favs? COM???
  18. Rikku2000


    I port Tail-Tale to caanoo, have FUN! Keys: Stick: Move ABXY: Hold Combo Keys: Quit game: L+R+Stick press Image: Download: Tail-Tale
  19. Rikku2000

    Gp Device Plugin

    Okey, Guys i write some code done for GP2X,WIZ,CAANOO its for the Features on CAANOO at most Whats supported: Touchscreen, 3G Sensor, Haptic, Input Download: ZIP
  20. Rikku2000

    Do Caanoo Support?

    Do Caanoo support SDL_HWSURFACE with SDL_DOUBLEBUF?