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  1. Titcher

    Replacement cases

    I've been looking through your shop and looking to get a new case and battery for my pandora (old case falling apart from expanding battery). And I noticed you didn't have the platinum cases in stock alone, instead only bundled with screens. Are you going to be getting individual cases in stock...
  2. Titcher

    Black Screen Videos

    Hi, I've been attempting to play some videos on my pandora that seem to refuse to display. They're h264 and a resolution of 640x480 and 848x480, these show up as black in gnome-mplayer and VLC, however audio works. I've tried all the rendering modes available in both players without success...
  3. Titcher

    Smartmedia Cards For Sale At 7dayshop

    Just to inform those of you still using GP32s or other smartmedia using objects, 7dayshop is currently selling some smartmedia cardshere .
  4. Titcher

    Very Strange Request.

    Ok, so, I'll get pretty much straight to the point, me and my friends decided we wanted clan shirts after getting jealous of other peoples, and we're going to design them ourselves, our clan is TBC, which stands for The Bearded Crusaders, I now ask, people of the boards, to post pictures of you...
  5. Titcher

    Hard Drive Problem

    Hey. So, I got a couple of games for my xbox(original) for christmas, one had a free live two month thing, so I used it and played for a little bit. Afterwards my softmod no longer worked (I was using Softmod Installer Deluxe, I hear not that great of a softmod), but anyway, I wanted to get the...
  6. Titcher

    Adsl Modems

    Ok, so, I wanted a 56K modem recently, and rather then buy one, people are bound to have spares, so, a friend gave me one, but it's an ADSL modem, dynamode 220 to be exact. I assume the answer is no, but, can this be used as a 56k/analogue modem?
  7. Titcher

    Any Ideas For A Data Cable?

    My friend gave me his old samsung data cable, my original plan is to use it to attach a chatboard, but this has other parts and would seem a shame to waste. It has the connector for GP32, then a female connector aswell, then a serial connector. I've put an image to make it look a little eaiser...
  8. Titcher

    Gamester Gba Plugs

    I managed to find an old GBA plug by the manufacturer gamester, it has the same diagram as the GP32 - o +. But I just want to make sure it won't blow my GP32, the text on the plug reads; MODEL: RC9880A INPUT: 230V~50Hz 4.9W OUTPUT: 3V ----- 300mA 0.9VA I took some pictures aswell in case they...
  9. Titcher

    Quick Question About

    I'm sorry if this has been asked or anything, I never noticed a threat about this. My question is about the text next to the GP32s, they say free screen cloth etc, well, one of the things is SMC/Game, does that mean, Game(which is an SMC) or an SMC as in choice of the two?
  10. Titcher

    Looking for something

    I am thinking of buying a GP32, but, I would prefer to find something better, like something with internet access somehow, Wi-Fi or bluetooth maybe?, woud probably be hard to find something to fit in your pocket that connects to Wi-Fi though, and also, i want to find something that can emulate...
  11. Titcher

    GP32 coming soon

    I am getting a GP32 at the end of this year and was wondering about a few things, does the GP32 lucasart engine work at all? I would love it if it did, monkey island is so great and my next question is, is the backlight effective? does it let you see the screen? I remember having a GBA and i had...