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    Amiga Floppy Disks

    I have about 2000 amiga floppy disks with my amiga in the loft and have been thinking of transfering them into adfs. Unfortunatly my amiga has died so cant transfer using that. What hardware/software do I need to be able to read them on my PC? I heard of the catweasel controller but that doesnt...
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    Nintendo Ds Homebrew/emulation

    My mum has a Nintendo DS Lite and I was looking what would be needed to run homebrew/emulation/DS games on it. Ive heard you can buy some sort of cart that you can plug an SD card into? Does anyone know what we need? Ive looked around google and stuff and have come up with loads of different...
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    Mega/sega Cd

    Ive just got Mega CD emulation working to play one of my all time favorite games, Dune, but with all the digitized speech and things the Mega CD version has. And am quite impressed! Never actually seen or owned a mega CD before, and this version of dune is awesome. Anyways, can anyone recommend...
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    Alvyn Basic / Amos?

    Im not too sure on C++/SDL and things, but was looking at running old amos games under linux and found this: How hard would this be to port to the gp2x? Would be great, used to do so much amos programming back on my amiga, would be fun to dig some of my...
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    Ripping Sound From Atari Lynx

    Anyone know if its possible to rip the music from an atari lynx game. I would like the music from the intro screen from california games for a project im working on.
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    Power Adapters

    Can anyone recommend a power adapter for the gp2x, prefferably somewhere in the UK I can get one/order one. Ive seen these two on the wiki, are they any good, and whats the difference between the two? Argos UK * Masterplug 1200mA 982/9701 £9.99 * Masterplug 2500mA 982/8915 £14.99
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    What Music Is Everyone Into?

    Just wondering what music is everyone into on here? Im into mainly british punk from '77 and '82. Also like alot of folk music, goth, metal and a bit of electronic stuff. :)
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    Touch Screen On My F200

    I have 2 F200 here and am very happy with them expect for one thing, one of them the touch screen seems to work pefectly while the other is not very reactive at all. I have to hold it down for ages sometimes before it does anything. I think i have found a calibration screen in the setup the...