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  1. emilio

    Getting closer...

    Any updates from the developers who already have a board/prototype? What are they doing?
  2. emilio

    Use Pandora as Bluetooth Gamepad for other consoles

    Awesome, thanks. Will try this :)
  3. emilio

    Use Pandora as Bluetooth Gamepad for other consoles

    Hi, is it possible to use the Pandora as a Bluetooth Controller/Input Device and connect it to other hardware, e.g. Raspberry Pi or Fire TV? So I only want to use the controls/Buttons/DPAD etc.
  4. emilio

    Port Requests

    Does anyone want to Port a SameGame? Sources available, there is also a Dingoo Port already.
  5. emilio

    Software Deutsch : Brauche mal Info/Hilfe Kompilieren, wie?!

    Na also, vielen Dank das meinte ich :D
  6. emilio

    Software Deutsch : Brauche mal Info/Hilfe Kompilieren, wie?!

    Link nicht aber das Image :D Gibt auch die Möglichkeit die Pandora über WLAN oder Kabel mit dem PC zu verbinden und dann am PC die shell zu haben, müsste da den Link noch haben zur Anleitung, bin mir nicht mehr sicher was das genau war aber kein VNC. Auf der verlinken Seite von pandoralive...
  7. emilio

    Software Deutsch : Brauche mal Info/Hilfe Kompilieren, wie?!

    Gibt doch im Repo die Codeblocks PND, damit kannste dann direkt auf der Pandora kompilieren. Hier noch ein sehr guter Artikel zum Thema Portierung:
  8. emilio

    A few Colors and Packages (with a poll!)

    Still no hinge :(
  9. emilio

    An almost naked Pyra

    Will there be a hinge already???
  10. emilio

    Switchable DPAD/Buttons for every Emulator

    Guys, no discussion about ths os/handheld itself. I think switchable DPADs are the REALLY cool part of this product!
  11. emilio

    Switchable DPAD/Buttons for every Emulator

    No discussion about this product but switchable Z-PADS are REALLY cool, so you can use different buttons for N64, PSX... THIS would be a really cool feature for the Pyra²!!!
  12. emilio

    Waiting in October

    Because we are all experts: It must have 7 red lines with green ink and transparent ;)
  13. emilio

    Heroes 2 - Cant save

    Same problem here. Can anyone fix that?? PS: Category is also wrong...
  14. emilio

    Release DosBox EX - Ultimate

    This will only works in Dosbox menu and not directly in the game or??? Would be great when i can read the manual while game is running but Button Left-Shoulder didn't work :(
  15. emilio

    Release DosBox EX - Ultimate

    Works great, but I have a few improvements: - replace "file_id.diz" for the option to open a PDF-File, old games often have copyprotection, so you have to enter color-specific codes or something else (remember monkey island) - the preview-pic is great, but i would like to use the front-cover...
  16. emilio

    Pandora App to remove uneeded appdata-folder after deleting the pnd???

    After trying many games I deletet the ones i never play, but every game created a folder in appdata. Is there an app to sync pnds on sdcard and removing folders in the appdata-directory, when there is no pnd found or something else???
  17. emilio

    Super Zaxxon1.55 16GB SDImage + working Flashplugin

    No, you have to use windows to copy th eimage to your sd card.
  18. emilio

    Firefox findet Profil nicht :(

    Ja, wenn man will das man andere verwirrt mag dies vielleicht Sinn ergeben. Für mich nicht. Aber egal -> Thread kann geclosed werden, Problem wurde gelöst :)
  19. emilio

    Du hast eine kleine Frage? Hier rein!

    Kann schonmal passieren. Einfach ED kontaktieren, der regelt das schon.
  20. emilio

    Port Request: SameGoo

    Hi there, anyone interested in porting SameGoo? There are already ports for Dingoo. Source: