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  1. Grench

    Help me learn how to compile Vulture-Nethack-3.6.6?

    Okay, so I started digging into what it would take to get Vulture-Nethack-3.6.6 compiled to run on the Pyra. I have never compiled anything - but would like to learn the process. Vulture is an isomorphic interface / overlay for Nethack. Although the source code is distributed freely on the...
  2. Grench

    General issues regarding F2FS rootfs partition

    I realize that F2FS is the latest darling disk format of the Linux world. However, living on this bleeding edge has some pretty serious limitations and drawbacks. Installing the latest available-to-me OS image onto a 64GB SDXC card results in only being able to use/see the first 8GB of the...
  3. Grench

    Shoulder shift yielding unexpected results in OS version 5.6.15

    So I was fiddling around in the latest OS version. Every time I hit the shoulder shift it pops up individual file browsers for every partition on the device. So - what's up with that? 5.6.15-letux-lpae-tiler Frustrating to not have that shoulder shift - assuming that can get fixed.
  4. Grench

    Teenage Engineering on-ear headset with removable boom mic

    Dogs ate my 'good' headset that I was using for the endless barrage of conference calls I have been on during this extended Work From Home saga. I went hunting for a replacement, found mostly overpriced junk. Then I stumbled on these: At $80 they are not cheap. But - they sound awesome - I...
  5. Grench

    Aggressive prompting for push notifications?

    System seems to be making a strong attempt to encourage users to accept push notifications. IMHO any site asking for browser notifications permission is simply wrong to begin with. I was rather shocked to see it happening here. Usually it's just the highly commercialized or skeezy sites that...
  6. Grench

    Pandora-on-Pyra Emulator?

    OK, so, I was thinking - which usually gets me in trouble. The Pyra is going to have all sorts of system emulators available for it - eventually. The Pyra is going to have the majority of the Pandora programs ported over to it - maybe quickly? There are a few things that will 'get in the way'...
  7. Grench

    About the stylus - a historical inscription for it?

    OK, I know we're too far in the mold production to be able to do this, but wow would it be appropriate. Just change Rome to Greece? (Adding said inscription to the stylus mold would require...
  8. Grench

    An interesting e-ink screen... Interesting as a phone. More interesting as a potential display? It makes me wonder if that screen could be a drop in replacement or a hacksaw-in rear display potential for a Pyra.
  9. Grench


    So, I went searching for information on the OneMix2s KOI that @EvilDragon mentioned in a GPD thread and sells in his store. Then I saw mention of a OneMix3 in the works for June. Bigger screen by a bit. Not quite pocket friendly. Backlit keyboard with greater key spacing. Thinner. It took...
  10. Grench

    Computer in a mouse? So - hats off to the inventor on this one! Great work on creating a computer that fits inside a slightly oversized mouse. The why is unimportant - the result is pure tech-nerd art.
  11. Grench

    EvilDragon twitter link on forum page wonky

    On: Right hand side, twitter link doesn't show recent post anymore.
  12. Grench

    Top Joy Falcon 8" screen to make room for a wider touch type keyboard. Specs look interesting. May only be renders and wishes so far. Might be interesting to keep an eye on...
  13. Grench

    Legal ROM rentals?

    So I was reading this article on ARS: And a lot of it is about this site/service: It appears to be Windows only? Which got me wondering... How difficult...
  14. Grench

    Considering a Chromebook - don't laugh too hard.

    Situation: Hundreds of $ tied up in Google's Android Apps ecosystem - mostly in Pinball tables. I also have to have a portable to remote administer work hardware using Cisco apps. My main Android machine is a Samsung Galaxy Note 12.2 tablet. Great hardware. Love it. I have a bluetooth...
  15. Grench

    Asus ROG phone Opinions? Where to buy one? Will it be worth it?
  16. Grench

    Light Phone 2 I want that device, only without the phone parts. Just have it be a handset that gives an e-ink version of what would be on my phone and makes calls. I.e. a bluetooth headset with screen/touchscreen...
  17. Grench

    e-ink e-readers & other e-stuff. No i-stuff.

    I mentioned in another thread about my struggles to find a truly open e-ink e-book reader. Those simply don't exist. Another user @rygD asked me to share the experience and answer some questions once I have the device. So, I took a step back and considered my planned uses for one. I shop...
  18. Grench

    Pyramon - product idea for ED? Small HDMI monitor

    So, I was looking around for a small HDMI monitor to use for another project - and there is crap all out there. Everything I'm finding has either really bad native resolution (rPi stuff) or is meant for professional video camera monitor use and costs $$$. For what I'm doing I simply need a...
  19. Grench

    Fitlet2 - tiny Compulab industrial fanless x86 computers

    I don't work for them and have no benefit from this. We're all into tiny computers here - preferably with Linux. Compulab ships the Fitlet2 with Linux Mint without charging a Windows tax. I paid $2.10 per unit to have Mint pre-installed - mostly as a vote/thumbsup for their Linux support...
  20. Grench

    Thoughts around an Android Go VM for the Pyra? IMHO this new version of the Android OS sounds like a pretty good option to run as a VM on the Pyra. Of course saying it's a good option and actually doing it are two entirely different things. But -...