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  1. Rikku2000

    Easyrpg Port

    New Update released now we have v0.1   Checkout:   HaveFUN! Rikku2000
  2. Rikku2000


    Wenn das Netzwerk Funktioniert wird TailTale auf version 1.4 Geupdatet hier mal ein Foto wie es später aussehen wird: TailTale kommt für: Caanoo/WIZ, Pandora, Windows, Dingoo(OpenDingux), GCW0, Linux, WII, PSP, NDS Webpage: (Outdate at moment... :() Have FUN! Rikku2000
  3. Rikku2000

    Tailtale - Shippo No Puzzle

    Here are TailTale in Version 1.2, what we have do? Changelog: Remove some old Code thats unused. Add an Settings Menu to Setup the Game. Edit Title Background and remove the Controll Background Webpage: Have Fun! Rikku2000
  4. Rikku2000

    Release Tailtale For Pandora

    Hey guys, Pickle port for me my TailTale to Pandora if you want you can download here. Download Page:,0,0,0,25,475 TailTale is a tile-matching puzzle video game developed for open video game console. Have FUN! Rikku2000
  5. Rikku2000


    Here my first port of QuakeWorld v2.40 Note: This is not Quake its QuakeWorld so Online Multiplayer only. - Use WiFi to play online with Caanoo. Download: Client, Source
  6. Rikku2000

    Yamagi Quake2 Opengl-Es [Caanoo And Wiz]

    Thanks will try to optimize it :P
  7. Rikku2000

    Anyone Working On Anything?

    I work on my Cleaning game. Wii Version:
  8. Rikku2000

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo/wiz Gl_Blend And Gl_Fog Problems

    Hope becouse 30 to 90 is to near its meaning you watching on a wall with maybe 30cm, 512 begin at 50cm from player and go to 1m far after that nothing visibil maybe take a look at:
  9. Rikku2000

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo/wiz Gl_Blend And Gl_Fog Problems

    change 30 to 512 and 90 to 1024 color 0.5;0.5;0.5;1.0; to color 0.5;0.5;0.5;0.7;
  10. Rikku2000

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo/wiz Gl_Blend And Gl_Fog Problems

    maybe you set the fog on the wrong place in your code so its over the model and hide it and aso maybe your fog deep is to near...
  11. Rikku2000

    Caanoo / WIZ Caanoo/wiz Gl_Blend And Gl_Fog Problems

    there is no gl_fog on caanoo gles... gl_blend works tiny checkout quake note that you unlock alpha before blend. glDisable(GL_ALPHA_TEST); glEnable (GL_BLEND); glBlendFunc(GL_SRC_ALPHA, GL_ONE_MINUS_SRC_ALPHA); or use glColor4f (1, 1, 1, alpha); glEnable(GL_ALPHA_TEST); glDisable (GL_BLEND);
  12. Rikku2000

    EasyRPG Port

    Wie gesagt es ist eine Frühe Alpha version wir sind aber standig drann um es zu verbessern...
  13. Rikku2000

    Easyrpg Port

    Its no editor its player you can play the maker games with it, down load game and put easyrpg player fieles into it and put it on your sd card. thats all... sending from my 3ds.
  14. Rikku2000

    Quake 1/2

    Here my prerelease of SDLQuake 1 and 2. I port Quake from SDLQuake and IOQuake2(Beta). Info: Quake2 have an scrren bug enable fullscreen and disable it the the screen works fine. Have FUN! Rikku2000 Download: SDLQuake Quake Demo IOQuake2 Quake2 Demo
  15. Rikku2000

    EasyRPG Port

    Ich bin selber nicht sicher ob die WIZ version geht da mein wiz nur noch denn Boot screen zeigt und das wars dann auch mein WIZ is tot kann nicht mal nen FW Update machen...
  16. Rikku2000


    hmm big pixel game XD why not :)
  17. Rikku2000

    Easyrpg Port

    Please note EasyRPG is in Alpha Status and work diferent to any device some work better some not. I edit my Code with the Rain and Snow effect and test Vampiers Dawn and it dont crash so its a good point becouse games with Rain and Snow will becrash EasyRPG on Device becouse they have less then...
  18. Rikku2000

    EasyRPG Port

    Ist die aktuelle version hmm haste die version von GitHub da wir umgezogen sind.
  19. Rikku2000

    EasyRPG Port

    Es gibt ne p&|a version schreibt einfach mal fdelapena von EasyRPG an villeicht kann er euch ja die version geben. VD1 leuft auf denn Caanoo nur bedingt ich werde aber mal schauen was ich machen kann da es probleme gibt mit dem Regen/Schnee wetter effect.
  20. Rikku2000

    Easyrpg Port

    Whats game you test? Please note EasyRPG is a Alpha Version not all will work at moment its a bit playable... EasyRPG Struct. [CAANOO] [GAME] [EasyRPG] [data] [rtp] [2000] [2003] [font] DejaVuLGCSansMono.ttf EasyRPG.gpe icon.png timidity.cfg title.png...