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  1. Solstar

    touchscreen not working/glitching

    my touchscreen suddenly stopped working for no reason at all.i tried the calibration app but nothing,its like the touchscreen is not even enabled.i rebooted a couple of times and it works, but it seems to stop suddenly again at random,or randomly glitching,causing the cursor to go straight to...
  2. Solstar

    First Batch Pandora perfectly working + sd cards

    Selling my first batch open pandora,perfectly working,with latest superzaxxon pluse two sd (16gb and 8 gb).the console didn't come with a charger,so i used a psp one,which works fine and will be included as well obivously.the screen is perfect and doesn't have any problems.the console only has...
  3. Solstar

    Dosbox recompiled with gl libs?

    as i noticed in this thread i was wondering how come the devs managed to make windows games almost playable while dosbox still struggle on my pandora for a very basic 3d game called Continuum,(which is made up of flat...
  4. Solstar

    Help Formatting\partitioning a memory stick pro duo in ubuntu

    Let's start by saying that i'm not 100% knowleageable of Ubuntu,but i know my way out.fact: 1)i have a memory stik pro duo,16 gb,that i used for psp gaming.i sold my psp and i need to get back the stuffi have on this stick 2)if i plug said mem stick on my win 7 pc,it can't be
  5. Solstar

    Whatever happened to Dosbox for pandora?

    maybe its me but i cannot find any new version fo dosbox for pandora...and the ones i have run not so good..i have a first batch pandora,overclocked to 800-ish,and yet i can run even ds games thanks to drastic but i'm struggling running dos games ??i have the normal dosbox for pandora and the...
  6. Solstar

    This is how a pandora 2 should look (and perform,possibly) windows 8(or 7)on the go...meaning also virtual machine..i.e classic pc gaming on the go.that alone sold me on this..unfortunatley its just a here is where p2 could come up
  7. Solstar

    Issue while charging battery

    i ahve this issue since day 1,but i decided to talk about it only now.basically,once i plug in the charger(a psp one,not the original one,since ibought it second hand and it didn't come with one),the pandora charges itself ok until 88%...reached that point,it just stops recharging.the only thing...
  8. Solstar

    Is there a (working)Mugen for slackware?

    mugen is a figthing game engine where you can use srptire ripped fron other fighting games.its currentyl available for pc,linux and other my struggle to trun something on damn slackware for pandora(nothing i installed so far ever runs on it)i downloaded the package from...
  9. Solstar

    mame for slackware is not installed even if it should be

    i downloaded a txc package for mame for slackware.i open up the terminal.type in su-,then the folder of the file and type installpkg nameofthefile.txc.the terminal says that its installed now but i can't find it anywhere,not even with the search function....
  10. Solstar

    Slackware won't start\boot

    i followed this guide to the letter,downlaoded this fiel as suggested by the guide ,,and when i put the sd into...
  11. Solstar

    How to change wi-fi address

    i recently changed my router,and with it the code for the wifi pandora has still the old one in memory,but how do i chagne it to the new one?if i just click on the enable wifi shortcut it just tries to enable it but then nothig nahppens,not even a window to tell me to change the...
  12. Solstar

    how enable a usb mouse ?

    i tride to hook up a perfectly working usb small mouse for laptops on my pandora,it gets recognized,i turn on the usb host..but the mouse doesn't move,i still have to use the nubs and touch screen.the red light under the moues is on,so it is recognized but not.:"enabled",should i say.i went to...
  13. Solstar

    Any tv-out cables for sale?

    any tv-out cables for sale in europe...? :)
  14. Solstar

    opnmsx won't recognize any system bios

    the readme says to put roms or disks on the software roms folder,i put there a ocuple of bios,all renamed as the emu wants it,and yet when i want to launch the machine or want the change the machine(i.e. a different model,panaosnic,sony etc)it still says i'm missing those roms..the roms works...
  15. Solstar

    how convert a .img drive to a qemu format

    qemu on pandora only reads qcow files,but on my pc i created an image of w95 in a .img format.the program i used only creates .img formats so i can't chaneg that but how do i conver it to use it with the pandora qemu?
  16. Solstar

    mk2 and mk3 won't run on mame4all

    don't know if it happened to other people as well but anyway...i'm using mame4all(the other mame just runs mk2 sooo slowly)so i wanted to try mk2 on mame4all,since it runs even neogeo games at full speed.i'm using a mame4all compatible romset,in fact all of the games in them runs..all except...
  17. Solstar

    Qemu (DOS)doesn't mount ISO

    hope this is the right section of the forum...i'm trying freedos with qemu,and i wanted to mount an iso of a game(a standard,normal everyday iso that works on any pc)but after i load the file on the qemu interface,and press "launch"..nothing happens.the app didn't even start.if i remove the...
  18. Solstar

    need a little help with java on pandora...

    i wanted to try a game \app that i'm particularly fond of,its an app that allows you to play the heroclix game on pc,(without graphics though)through's the link now,the game is only for pc and mac,though i read that ic ould be possible to make it...
  19. Solstar

    Bluetooth doesn't receive files

    i tried last night the bluetooth function on the pandora and it doesn't want to receive any files.i wanted to transfer a .pnd file(buit tried with any other file from jpeg to .txt)from my galaxy s2 to the pandora.the s2 was already configured and enabled to send and receive files.both devices...
  20. Solstar

    unable to type some characters with the keyboard

    i just tried dosbox and freedos with qemu and i have problems in both of them.i need to go up one directory by typing d: or e : but i'm unable to do the : character.i tried eberything on the keyboard but nothing.besides,it looks like the layout is set to the US keyboard.what can i do about...