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  1. FelixNemis

    Release Ducktape mGBA fullspeed GBA/GB emulator (no proper GUI)

    Ok here's a working build of mGBA. Now on the repo: Notes Esc quits the emu mGBA should be able to use GLES2 but I couldn't get it to so this is using gl4es, runs pretty good though. Didn't build the qt GUI, but I made a zenity launcher script that should...
  2. FelixNemis

    Analogue Pocket FPGA Gameboy/Color/Advance announced

    Analogue is making a FPGA handheld! I'm pretty excited for this thing This is looking like exactly what I want from a gameboy clone Well I like the original gba form factor more but this is good too It has a high resolution screen for nice scaling of the various...
  3. FelixNemis

    Just got an Atari Lynx

    So I just got an awesome birthday present. Chip's Challenge is one of my favorite games but I'd never played the original version, I've also been wanting to collect handhelds, and this is a nice start. With this I now have 4 handheld consoles: I also have a partially completed project of...
  4. FelixNemis

    cancel and re order pyra, with pre-preorder voucher

    I preordered the Pyra using a pre-preorder voucher, but I selected payment by wire transfer, which I figured out is not what I want. I see I can withdraw order via the contact form on dragonbox shop. I just need to know if this will affect my pre-preorder voucher at all, I can still use it in...
  5. FelixNemis

    Got my replacement LCD cable, well the box at least...

    So this just arrived in the mail Guess there was some problem somewhere along in the shipping process :[
  6. FelixNemis

    The Realm: amazing looking point and click adventure

    Check it out, it looks so awesome. It's on kickstarter and frankly, I'm blown away by what I see. I've already backed this and I can hardly wait until they finish it (hopefully their kickstarter succeeds) PC/Mac/Linux counts as other consoles right? One of their stretch goals is for...
  7. FelixNemis

    getting vim help to work

    So I started using vim (the version that comes with SuperZaxxon) and it seems the help is missing. That's fine so I did a 'sudo opkg install vim-doc" which apparently works but the help still doesn't work if I try to install vim-doc again it says it is up to date. So I tryed looking in...
  8. FelixNemis

    Lcd cable going out (black rebirth edition)

    Unfortunately it seems my lcd cable is dying. I have a black rebirth edition from right before the silver ones started shipping. The sceen will usually work fine, but occassionally it turns green or magenta or blacks out altogether. Adjusting the angle of the lid will get it to work with a...
  9. FelixNemis

    Minecraft: Pi Edition

    Mojang just anounced a modified port of Minecraft pocket edition for the Raspberry Pi. And it will include support for modding with multiple languages. Oh and also it's free. Judging by how pocket edition runs on Android, This should run just fine on the Pandora. Which is just awesome :lol:
  10. FelixNemis

    open source circuit modelling and simulating software

    It's called SmartSim, I saw it on the raspberry pi site and I tried it out. It's very cool. It would also be really cool if someone (with more knowledge or time than me) could make a Pandora build of it. ;)
  11. FelixNemis

    Joystick d-pad new kernel?

    Is there some way to map the D-pad to a joystick when using the 3.2 kernel as "game_button_mode" is only for the old kernel. It is pretty much required to play openlierox nicely
  12. FelixNemis

    Shipping payment confirmation?

    I payed for shipping through paypal on the 9th, after I got the e-mail saying my pandora is ready to ship. 4 days and I still have no confirmation of the shipping payment being received or the unit shipping. I don't want to seem impatient but, has it shipped yet? Will I receive an e-mail...
  13. FelixNemis

    my shipping address is wrong

    I just received the confirmation e-mail and my address is not right, how do I fix it?
  14. FelixNemis

    New orders with new cases?

    Hello, this is my first post though I've been lurking for quite some time. Anyway, I have decided to buy a Pandora now that i finally have the money to do so, and I'm glad to see that production is going great. What I need to know is, if I order now from the Preorder NOW! page...