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  1. MaxSteiner

    My Gp2x Stopped Reading Sd Cards!

    Last night I was working through the GP2x wiki, adding lots of hombrew goodness to an SD card before going to bed. Played a couple of games, had the batteries go flat on me and called it a night. And for some reason, when I woke up and turned the machine on I find its returned to the default...
  2. MaxSteiner

    What Do We Actually Need A Pandora For?

    Ok, sorry first off, this is little more than a rant at the latest Pandora news, but it is from a (newly converted) GP2X supporters point of view :D Originally, I put my cash down for a wiz. I'd heard of the Pandora, but to be honest, size was more important to me than a ton of features I...
  3. MaxSteiner

    When Do We See A Finished Pandora?

    Well, from my understanding, the prototype completed Pandora was originally held up because of LCD's, then because of the number pad, now because of the battery. Since all of these seem to have arrived.... Are we going to see a video of a completed Pandora, running software etc in within the...
  4. MaxSteiner

    Battery Help

    I was just wondering if anyone could provide me with the benefit of their experiance with regards to batteries in the F100. Got one secound hand of Ebay, which for some reason came with Duracel batteries. Predictably I get around 30 mins max before they die. When I try rechargable's (Uniross...
  5. MaxSteiner

    I Need A Gadget To Tide Me Over Till The Pandora!

    Ok, first off, I know this isn't really a useful post, but if I can't tap the collective wisdom of likeminded geeks in a forum, where can I do it? I honestly don't mind waiting till January, or maybe even feb to get my Pandora, and I can just about get by without whatever interest my bank would...
  6. MaxSteiner

    What If Open Pandora Ltd Goes Bankrupt?

    Long time lurker, first time poster (And I wish I had been prompted to post by something more favourable...). I shouldn't have to start with this, but I've been on enough forums to know it don't take much too set the vocal minority into flame mode :D Just in case that isn't enough tto save me...