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  1. ManlyStump

    Controller config for Picodrive, PCSX ReARMed

    I've just managed to get my USB game controller to work with PicoDrive and PCSX ReARMed, and am looking forward to some 2-player retro gaming with a friend of mine. Unfortunately when I set up the USB controller to player 2, and click "Save global config", the next time I load either emulator it...
  2. ManlyStump

    Alternative to TV-Out?

    Optoma Pico PK 102 Do you guys think this will work with the Pandora? The resolution seemed pretty limited to me, but I guess if you're playing 80's-early 90's console games it wouldn't be an issue anyway. Plus it would aid to the portability of the Pandora if you could just stick the graphics...
  3. ManlyStump

    Beta Repo?

    So we've got pandora apps, openhandhelds and now the "repo" for Pandora applications. Are there any repositories dedicated to software in public beta? Anyone else think that would be a good idea?
  4. ManlyStump

    Pandora Compilers in a PND?

    So getting Java onto your Pandora involves a pnd which installs it onto the actual system. I was wondering why that can't be done with c++ compilers (or any other kind for that matter). It seems like the only way of getting compilers on the system is through a long procedure of wgets and...
  5. ManlyStump

    Native C++ IDE

    Apologies if any already exist (I couldn't find any at openhandhelds), but are there any plans to get a C++ IDE built for use on the Pandora? I know there are text editors such as gedit, but one that can compile directly and manage full projects would be most advantageous. Dev_C++ and...