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    Release VVVVVV for Pandora

    Hi all, Hope I'm posting this in the right place - it is software related news, so I think it fits here. I'm a huge fan of Terry Cavanagh's brilliant VVVVVV. I really wanted to see it on the Pandora, but as it's not open source didn't hold out much hope of seeing it ported. But as the saying...
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    The Last Express and Dosbox

    I've been trying to get The Last Express running in Dosbox without success. When I try to run it, it says it can't find the cd but I have the GoG version, and as there's no disc to mount I can't figure out how to do it. I've seen on here that it can be done, but haven't seen anyone say how. I've...
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    [SOLVED] Re: Scummvm

    Hi, Not posted here before. I'm a relative newcomer to the Pandora, having only found out about it 4 months ago, but the first time I saw it I asked 'where have you been all my life?'. Long story short, my wife got sick of me going on about it so for my birthday last week she got me one...