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    Usagi Yojimbo C64 :) I loved it when I was a kid. The problem is that I have the rom, it starts (Vice emulator) but I can't get past the main screen with the samurai, sky and flowers. Anybody played it on GP2x?
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    Exult Touchscreen Version

    I'd love to play Ultima VII on my console, but it seems like there's only a video of Exult with touchscreen support and no file available. Or I'm too exhausted after work to find it... thanks for any answers.
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    Blood Gp2x

    One of my fav games when it comes to FPP, I love the atmosphere etc. Is anybody planning to port it? With Shadow Warrior and Duke3D ports based on the same engine as Blood, maybe somebody will now try to make us happy with Blood? I will happily donate, as I stated in other thread.
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    GP2X No Roguelikes On Gp2x? Shadow Warrior Etc.

    I was wondering why ToME ( or other roguelikes (I know Nethack was being planned) isn't ported to GP2X while there are ports of a couple roguelike games to PSP. I personally would love a good port of ADOM, but it's closed source (one of the greatest games I ever played). I can't...