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    Gplynx - Atari Lynx Emulator

    I have compiled the current g2x version for gp32. - The gui is nicer now (But there is no speed improvement.)
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    Gp2x Handy V0.1g, Atari Lynx Emu

    Here is a new version for the gp2x. It is a bit faster :-) P.S.: 1. - ~10% faster then the previous version Short infos: - Modified the bugfixing from v0.01d - Compared to the version before 0.1c it's ~6% faster 2. gIZmonDO...
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    Gp2x Handy V0.1f, Atari Lynx

    I have added the following features: - ScreenModes (1x1, Horiz-Scanlines,'2x2 dotes') - MMU hack (it's a bit faster 1.8% - 3.8%) - Added Rompath selection I've tested it today a lot, I hope everything is okay :)
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    Gp2x Handy V0.1e, Atari Lynx

    I have updated the emu so it's perhaps a bit nicer :) 1) Larger fonts 2) Savegame selection is more usable now 3) Savegames now store "play time" and how often you have saved the game
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    Gp2x Handy V0.1d

    I have updated the lynx emulator. It's a bit slower but two bugs are solved (screwed sometimes ingame gfx & loading screens) & added cpu speeds 250mhz and 256mhz Further more I have uploaded the sources. This is my first release. It is surely not that easy to compile :rolleyes...
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    Gp2xhandy V0.01c (atari Lynx Emu For Gp2x)

    I have made a small update for GP2XHandy.. now you can adjust the cpu clockspeed upto 266Mhz. - and I modified the gui. The 'menu selection' is now better visible. - I modified the path structure slightly. For some reasons, previously the executable and the boot-rom file and so on had to be in...
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    Gplynx Gp32 Atari Lynx Emu

    Hi, sorry I stopped with the gp32 version and I didn't update the normal download version on the homepage.. I just compiled the gp32 version and tested it a bit on the gp32. I'd like to make a new download version.. flickering seems to okay with my FLU. I have not tested the sound that well...
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    Hi, I've fixed some things and implemented some other. - key select (it's not so nice, but it works) (use 'store db' to store the settings) - Two different rotate modes for Klax, Gauntlet, ... - Searching for roms is faster - Savegames should work - Centered the screen :) To enter the...
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    GP2X Minimal Lib - Feature- Panic Key

    I think a panic key or key sequence would be nice as default functionallity :) It is surely not cleanly implemented, but it works: pthread_t gp2x_panic_tester_thread=0; static void *gp2x_panic_mode_loop(void *blah) { while (1) { unsigned long nKey = gp2x_joystick_read(); if...
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    GP2X Dualcpu & Rlyeh's-minimal-lib

    Hello, The "using-subprograms" testprogram seems to work. I've been playing around a bit and I am confused. In the first frame the data is available in the non cached area. But from that moment it disappears. I tried also in the our_shared_data.h 0x2000 instead of 0x1000. I disabled the second...
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    Gp2xhandy - Atari Lynx Emu

    Hello, I've ported my complete source code to the gp2x :) a little benchmark with chip's challenge: GP32 (156mhz, frameskip 2, no sound): 70fps GP2X (frameskip 2, no sound): 104fps A lot more games are now playable with sound :-) But not all run in full speed yet. here is the link...
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    GP32 Flickering - Gplynx

    Hej ho', sorry to ask again about flickering isues... I'm not very well in Assembler and my project is c and c++. Has somebody hints how I could track the problem or further ideas? Doublebuffering isn't the problem. If I deactivate the Screen operations the screen still FLICKERS! - The only...
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    Gplynx V0.4

    Hello', finally I could spend some time on my gp32 :) I don't get rid of the flickering problem :-/. But: - it's faster :) - All savegame problems are solved (?!) - sound works better - bugfixes I think the sound works for some games in fullspeed. f.e.: Chip's Challenge, Gates of zendocon...
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    Gplynx - Atari Lynx

    Hi', Here small bugfixes for the isue with the starting of a game and the message with the bootrom thing.. :-/ sorry
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    Atari Lynx Emu V0.03f

    Hi' Sorry for the savegame isue in the previous version!! Only bugfixes and the background picture changed once more ;) Greetings
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    Atari Lynx Emu V0.03c

    Hi' Some bugfixes and new features :-) - fixed problems with the new gui - ZIP-File parsing is faster now - Savegame support! - Added quicksave/quickload (stores one savegame in the memory of the GP32) - Gamma correction added - BLU+ support (?) copy the file "blu.txt" in the directory...
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    Atary Lynx Emu - Phandy V0.03

    Jipeah :-) Two weeks ago I finally could code a bit again for my gp32. It runs much better then v0.02! But sound doesn't work.. With 156Mhz many games run with fullspeed! I hope I can apply the sound code again :) perhaps some games will work nearly perect :) Greetings'...
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    Atari Lynx - Handy

    Updatet my lynx release from september a bit.. although I can't test it with 180 oder 200mhz ) , perhaps chips challenge runs smooth.. & Click on "Atari Lynx" or "download" - sound is posible, but not very nice - CpuClockSpeed from 40-200mhz But I...
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    Scumm - Indy Atlantis - Little Bug

    Hint: I started to play Indy and I got stuck in the desrt with the ballon.. I couldn't land at the 'X' :-( the ballon just continued moving and moving, the mouse-cursor was disabled. I tried my savegame on the pc and it worked.. finally I retried it on my GP32 with Sound activated and it...
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    Sierra Sarien Emu

    Hi, I newly tried the Scumm emu and enjoyed it, then I tested the Sarien emu and looked for the sources. I've updated the current cvs version and added some features. The main difference for the GP32 is the sound and the GuiWordbook :o) Zip files also work, you don't need the hacked pc-link...