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  1. idarwin

    Outrun Awfully Slowwwww

    Hi guys Does anyone know how tu run out runnnn FAST Thanxxxx E
  2. idarwin

    New Android Based Portable Consoles

    Hi guys, I wanted to know if some of you have seen this new portable devices. They claim to have a 1ghz cpu and a dedicated gpu; they run android... What do you think? I'm still looking for something superior to my Caanoo. I don't really like Pandora so that's out of the question. Here is...
  3. idarwin

    New Gcw-Zero

    Hi guys, Has anyone heard something about this project? What do you think? I was looking forward to update my Caanoo to a more powerfull device (I don't like the Pandora) and I found it but I don't really know if this is like real... nor if there is any other option...
  4. idarwin

    Set To Compile A Working Version Of Daphne Emu

    Hello guys, I'm giving a last chance to all this... and I'm setting to try compiling a working version of the Daphne Emu for the Caanoo. I'll need some help from you, the experienced and well-disposed developers of the forum in order to enrich the world of the Caanoo. Please help me, help the...
  5. idarwin

    No News.... Good News?

    Hello guys. First, let me start this topic by telling you all that I love the Caanoo, the community and the forum before I say what I'm about to say. I'm kindda dissapointed becaouse I'm not getting actually the response or support I was hopping to have on this platform. Let me further...
  6. idarwin

    Frodo Game Problems

    Hi guys, I'm having some issues running Elvira 2, Druid2, and Test Drive 2. Also I can't run (or don't kmow how to) prg o p00. Any advice aprecited. E.-
  7. idarwin

    Yet Another Rhythm Heaven

    This is a fantastic Nintendo DS game; dont't know how many of you played it buy it is really simple and addictive. I would be nice that te great braniacs could create yet another .... rythm heaven game for the Caanoo. :D E.-
  8. idarwin

    Caanoo / WIZ Daphne Emu For Caanoo For The Love Of God

    Hello dear braniacs :D I would love to have Daphne Emu on the Caanoo :D Be nice and make the world happy :DDDDD
  9. idarwin

    Running Simple New Pc Games On Caanoo

    Hi guys, I was wondering if there is a way to run new simple games from PC in the Caanoo. For instance World of Goo or something like that (I know I know, they are not so simple). But well, maybe some other game. Best. E
  10. idarwin

    Game & Watch Emu

    Hi guys, I don't know if it exists.., but it would be nice to have a Game & Watch Emu. I guess mb there are no roms for this coz this games are primitive and had like drawings on the screen... but well. I thought it would be nice to have something like that. Best. E *** Last Edit *** I've...
  11. idarwin

    Neogeo Problems With Rom Dumps

    Hi guys, I've downloaded some roms for neogeo Emu on the Caanoo... the thing is that it says that roms need to be re dumped. What the heck? I've also have all the bios files that it requires. Thx. E
  12. idarwin

    Can The Caanoo Emulate The Nintendo Ds?

    Can the Caanoo emulate the Nintendo DS? Nice question, right?
  13. idarwin

    Dr Snes Save Game

    Hi guys; hey... you now I've played super mario with the Dr. Snes and I don't know why but it just won't save my progress. Any thoughts? The thing says save and continue within the game... I press Ok and then nothing; when I load the rom back again it just takes me back to the begining. It's...
  14. idarwin

    Can't Mount Pendrive To Caanoo

    Hello guys; I'm using linux and I've tried mounting a NTFS, and a vfat pendrive to the caanoo but it won't read the files on it. It's just blank... why...? Best E
  15. idarwin

    Really Nice Accelerimeter Game

    Hey guys; a friend of mine the other day showed me a game that he downloaded for his ipod touch and I think it's brilliant. I know there are many technical differences between the Caanoo and the Ipod Touch... buy I thought maybe u geniouses could come with something nice. The game is simple...
  16. idarwin

    Registration Problem

    Hey guy; Hello! I'm new to the forum, glad to be here. I had a problem registering here so I though it would be good to let you know about it so you can fix it in order to attract more users. When u try to register using google chrome (linux) the challenge question won't take your answer... I...