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  1. Leesam

    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    If moonlight is still nvidia only, both Steam link and Parsec clients have arm ports for the raspberrypi . If neither worked without a ton of effort, Parsec is testing a web client right now which could just be loaded in a browser.
  2. Leesam

    It's the speed that counts.

    What do you have for a wifi router/access point? I've got an ubiquity A.P. here and my phones test out at 9MB/s down 10MB/s up for 2.4ghz (802.11n) and 27MB/s down 24MB/s up for 5ghz (802.11ac). I know the pyra's wifi chipset doesn't support ac but over n i though there'd be a little more speed...
  3. Leesam

    Get ready to rumble!

    I've got my voucher! I was in on an early batch of the original Pandora. I think i received it June 2010, not sure which batch that was. Traded it in March 2013 for rebirth unit and it's still going strong. Now i can't wait to see what happens with the Pyra! I had a question (maybe this belongs...
  4. Leesam

    PAX East Newcomers

    I think I was the one interested in the GHZ edition earlier but ended up going for a rebirth on Sunday! I had no idea there would be a pandora booth at PAX East this year. I haven't been luking much on the boards recently so i missed that there were upgrades possible. It was sad to see my...
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    Port Requests

    I've added it to the wiki.
  6. Leesam

    Port Requests I believe the source is available for compiling. I couldn't find system requirements though so i couldn't make it all the way through the "Will X work on the Pandora" flowchart. The download page also lists these as being pre-reqs for the game...
  7. Leesam

    Beta Java Pnd

    Can i install this to an SD card? I don't have all that much space left in NAND (30ish megs). Edit: Read the first post over sounds like the majority of the package stays in the pnd location :)
  8. Leesam

    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    Finally getting to posting my save:
  9. Leesam


    Hahah yeah that's what i meant. Things needed: AVRDUDE - opkg installed AVRDUDE automagically Dev toolchain - nice guide from DJWillis's blog post Serial Cable - I'll have to get the connector listed in this post Nice Editor - I'll try out SciTE That's really all i guess anyone would need. If...
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    is there anything like notepad++ available? I guess all i really want is something to make the code colored and formatted right. The libraries i could probably use outside of the IDE since they're all available as Blah.h files and AVRDUDE should compile.
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    I ended up using this Java install. Seems to have worked but there are a couple of errors to work through... Update: after "opkg install librxtx-java librxtx-jni" it actually prompts me with an 'Open' dialog box. No idea what file it's looking for though...
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    BeagleBoard Java hints on eLinux wiki I'll give some of these a shot and see if any of them can handle the IDE.
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    Beta Psx4Pandora Beta

    I've been playing Final Fantasy VII for a while (30+ hours) on my Pandora. So far so good, it slows a little on fights with lost of enemies but it's been running really well. Up until i got to the part where i need to use the submarine to find the ancient key/ pickup the huge materia (from the...
  14. Leesam


    As far as I've read Arduino uses a modified AVRDUDE to program over the boot-loader. I've got an Arduino clone i put together that i can program over a normal serial port. I'd like to use my Pandora for minor code tweaks and things like that since i rarely carry my laptop around anymore...
  15. Leesam

    Guide: Mobile Broadband Usb Stick Usage

    I was able to get a UM190 (Verizon CMDA and GSM) so that the network applet could see it. The problem was that it keeps defaulting to GSM in the network applet. I created a CMDA connection but when i click the network applet icon it only lists GSM connections.
  16. Leesam

    Beta Pandora Hotfix 3 - Beta Test!

    Running the SD mass storage from the system tab isn't working too well on my Pandora. The app runs without error but on my desktop both my SD cards show as unallocated space. I know they're FAT32 formatted with the Panasonic SD formatter. They show up fine in my SD card reader but not for this...
  17. Leesam

    Psx4Pandora Menu Cycling

    Reimaging my pandora fixed it. Not sure what i had done to mess it up. I think my account somehow lost permission to edit the appdata folders and it was making some apps freak out. I'm glad there are so many stickies with really helpful tools (tweaks thread and Check This First Before Opening...
  18. Leesam

    Psx4Pandora Menu Cycling

    I tried two more things. First i tried formatting my sd card with the sd card formatter found in one of the guides on this forum. That didnt help so i added the .pnd into the folder with all the default pnds... somewhere in /usr on the internal nand. Still no luck. Probably reimaging the whole...
  19. Leesam

    Psx4Pandora Menu Cycling

    After posting i tried launching from a fresh new user, copying over the bios file again, copying over different bios files and running DOSFSCK from another linux system.
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    Psx4Pandora Menu Cycling

    I've been using psx for pandora all this week including this morning. Today when i got on the train and tried to load it up it started cycling between the sound options screen and the main menu. It's unresponsive to any of the buttons except the pandora button which kills it to bring me back to...