The Team

Team and Companies:

While basically the full community forms a team by contributing in various ways, of course there are some core members and companies which will be listed here.

Michael Mrozek (aka EvilDragon)

The main guy behind the Pyra

One of the founding members of the OpenPandora team. At first his job was taking care of the community, selling Pandoras in Germany and helping out with the OS.
However, due to various issues with the production which nearly lead to the death of the whole project, he took over managing everything Pandora-related in 2012 and has stabilized the production and rescued the Pandora.
He is also the one in charge for managing and producing the Pyra.

Dr. Nikolaus Schaller

Hardware designer

Nikolaus is no newcomer when it comes to electronics design.
He's been working for various companies like Siemens and now has his own company where he does freelance PCB designs.
He already helped out moving the Pandora production to Germany and has designed the PCBs for various other OpenSource mobile projects like the GTA04 or the Neo900.
He lives a couple of minutes away from Global Components which is especially helpful for creating prototypes and finding issues in the hardware.
You can find more info on his own company website Golden Delicious Computers.

M. Fatih KILIÇ

Sourcing Parts

Fatih is also a member of the original Pandora team.
He's a specialist when it comes to dealing with companies in Asia and sourcing manufacturers for stuff like Batteries, AC Adaptors, Flex Cables, keyboard mats, carry cases, etc.
While we're trying to produce most of the Pyra within Europe, there are some parts that are still some things that cannot be produced outside of Asia.
He's not very active in the community right now, but has helped keeping the Pandora production alive.


Working on the official OS for the Pyra

aTc is a community member who is creating the official Pyra OS, which is basically a vanilla Debian with a lot of optimized Pyra-additions.
He's handling our own build-server and repositories. Help is always needed, as a lot of work needs to be done - you can easily contact aTc via IRC.

Global Components

Manufacturing and assembling the Pyra

Global Components is a company located in Oberhaching, Germany.
They've been producing the Pandora since 2012 and we only had great experiences with them.
They're reliable, flexible and very helpful - and they managed to produce the Pandora reliable, so we're happy they'll do the Pyra as well!


Producing the case

Uniqueplast is a company located in Thessaloniki, Greece.
They are specialized in both design and mold production. While they didn't design the moulds (we had issues with the previous company, unfortunately), they're producing them and are trying to fix whatever can be fixed. One of their owners is a hardcore gamer and I befriended him, which is really helpful when you're working together. Sometime in the future I'm planning to redesign the case from scratch to fix whatever can't be fixed with the current moulds.

Other community members

Helping out with software and drivers

Many other members from the Pandora community have already told me they'd be interested in helping out with coding software especially for the Pyra (i.e. configuration dialogues, OpenGL Wrapper, launchers, etc.) or porting and optimizing software along the way.
Creating hardware is only one side - software is another one.
And the community has already shown with the Pandora that it is capable of creating awesome pieces of software. You all rock - and you're too many to list here!