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    Release Live system info

    I just ran into the same issue.  For the cost of a little CPU, I found that mplayer's "-vo x11" option allowed it to co-exist nicely with liveinfo.
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    Broken backlight

        Thanks. I sent a query.
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    Broken backlight

    I see. In that case I'd hope I can have the screen and case replaced (as pretty much everything still works well enough). I've not done an RMA before but have read the stickied notes. I gather I have to print and fill in the form and send it along with my unit to Germany (I'm sure the...
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    Broken backlight

    I've been pretty rough with my 1 GHz Pandora. I carry it with me everywhere and have dropped it on a few occasions (usually causing a reboot). Today, it fell a long way and the backlight stopped working. After 30 mins of trying to coax it back to life by squeezing things and rebooting I took...
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    [SOLVED] TK/TCL not installed Properly... (bug fix)

    I got my Pandora recently and ran into a TK/TCL problem with python.  After installing tk and tcl the error changed. Python was complaining about being unable to bind the mouse wheel for some gtk gui elements.  I commented out the bindings (I don't even know where the mouse wheel is on the...