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    Which Of These 3 Cases Looks Best

    i like 2, execpt, i think it would be better if it had front usb ports :) i'd go for the black one.
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    Word Disassociation

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    Ebay Refuses To Let Me Sell My Gp32

    thats bullshit! theres heaps of other gp32 auctions goin i wonder why they would just refuse urs?
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    Deleting One Of Two Xp Installations

    yep, its allf ixed now!! thanks for all your help :D
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    Deleting One Of Two Xp Installations

    just delete it through explorer? if so, i guess i just delete F:\Windows and F:\Program Files? (thats the installation i wanna get rid of) if i do, i could just boot with xp and re-format c: yeah??
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    Deleting One Of Two Xp Installations

    yh i was thinking of doing that ecexpt i got most of my drives full and stuff i wanna keep, i'll probl just burn a few dvds of all my shit. thanks sam :)
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    Deleting One Of Two Xp Installations

    hows it goin? i currently have two installations of xp on my comp, but i want to delete one of them.the reason i have 2 is beacuase when i was gonna reformat my c: drive and re-install xp, but i sumhow managed to install it to another harddrive, f:. now when i turn on my computer, i always...
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    "a Popular Os" Style Skin

    cool skin. and maybe it has to do with win dows??
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    Word Disassociation

    cell phone and cheese and cake are related
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    Word Disassociation

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    Word Disassociation

    O2 XDA IIs (yay i finally got mine!!! ^_^ )
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    Is Gp2x Compatible With Mmc?

    hmmmm... i thought all sd devices were compatable with mmc also. oh well!! :)
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    Psp Demo Discs

    use dev hook with fastloader or wahater the other umd iso loader is called. i put devhook and the other udm iso loader on the same ms, and just use devhook to load with out any disk in the drive and it works!!
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    The Official, "i've Got Mine" Thread

    Aus psp 1.52 upgraded to 2.00 then right away down to 1.5! games: puzzle bubble bomberman panic bomber pinball marvel nemesis - rise of the imperfects dynasty warriors space invaders galaxy beat wipeout pure rockman dash 2 taiko no tatsujin poooooooooortabuuuruuuuuuu!! <(^_^<) guilty gear xx...