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    Aquaventure - New Caanoo Game

    A little late to the party, but great game Ian. I couldn't put it down :)
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    Would It Be A Good Idea To Build A New Os For The Wiz?

    I would love to see faster booting and maybe even instant shotdown :) But it is important that it is backward compatible, so games won't notice the difference.
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    GCW Zero - Open Source Gaming Handheld

    I guess I just need a toolchain with SDL, and some example code how to read the touchscreen :) Oh, and someone to test that it actually works. On topic: The website does not work for me either. Connection to Failed. I'm in Palestine right now.
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    GCW Zero - Open Source Gaming Handheld

    Hi everyone. I've been away for a loooong time. No not in prison, just trying to make a living. I thought I'd chip in with my comments about the touch-screen even though i'm a bit late. All my games use the touch screen, making them kind of useless to port. That said, not many people buy these...
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    [Caanoo] A Few Questions

    Hi Xynche. Congratz on your Caanoo. If you are interested in native games, you should definitely check some out. A lot of nice ones were submitted to RIOTdigital Tag-Team Coding Competition, but you will find them updated on the download archive. Also try games like Animatch, Mr. Drillux, and...
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    Mazezam For Pandora

    Looks cool. I look forward to a Caanoo version :)
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    Caanoo Appstore

    Hi, well i havent had much time to work on this. I just released my first Android/iPhone game called Neon Zone. go buy it!, it is awessome.:) </shameless advertising>
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    Simultaneous Access To Framebuffer

    I need this feature too. I want to do an irc client that can run in the background and make a small notification when someone writes
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    Riot Tag-Team Coding Competition

    Hehe, i like your Did not vote button :) But it is linking to the wrong website.
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    What RIOT games lost your vote, and why?

    This is a great thread. I'd like to hear why people chose (or "unchose") some games.
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    I too played Rainy Day repeatedly. Every detail was perfect. The few seconds it lasted were very enjoyable. Not sure they will read it here, but if you guys get this, here are my comments (above the absolutely amazing look and feel): The story feels kinda week and boring. The game seems so...
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    Hi everyone I'm sorry i haven't responded here. I cannot follow every single thread on every forum, so this one has passed me by. Just to make it public. Guitar on Fire has not been disqualified because no complaint was received. Whether it infringes someones copyright i don't know. I cannot...
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    RIOT Tag-Team coding competition

    Well so much for the "please don't embed the video." Maybe put it into a spoiler alert? :)
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    Yeah... lesson learned.
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    Release Riot Ttcc Pandora Entries

    Hi everyone, I will make a quick reply for now (short on time). I completely support, and even encourage releasing the game on more platforms. This is the whole point of the competition. The games are exactly the same across platforms, and several games have already been added to different...