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Rainbow Islands: "The game is sometimes called "Bubble Bobble 2". However, two other games --"Bubble Symphony: The Story of Bubble Bobble 2" and "Bubble Bobble 2"-- claim the same name. Rainbow Islands happens after Bubble Bobble. Bubble Symphony happens after Bubble Memories, which is called Bubble Bobble 3, so Bubble Symphony is really Bubble Bobble 4 or 5. Bubble Bobble 2 also happens after Bubble Memories, so it is either Bubble Bobble 4 or 5. Bubble Symphony's song titles, which refer to Bub and Bob as "Grandfather", are true, then Bubble Symphony is Bubble Bobble 5 and Bubble Bobble 2, which features Robby, the "son", is Bubble Bobble 4. But then again, the intro of Bubble Symphony refers to Bubby and Bobby as the children of Bub and Bob, so Bubble Symphony is Bubble Bobble 4".

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I think that your computer's memory is being corrupted by the electromagnetic frequencies emitted from your FleshLight. At the very least, you could turn it down from "JACKHAMMER" to "HUMMER"! :D[/quote]




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