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    Release Hatari (Atari St Emu) 1.4.0 Released

    A thought on that... The mouse doesn't wrap around the screen does it? If not, then a solution would be to initially move it to 0,0, and only then apply the right/right/up/up operations to get it to the place it needs to be. Depends on how fast you can do it, and it might make click-and-drag...
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    Release Prboom With Picklelauncher For Pandora

    Is there a save directory that needs creating in appdata or something? Lack of one has been known to cause other games to have issues sometimes (e.g. fheroes2).
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    Pandora Java In A Pnd?

    How about this: - User places java files in directories in appdata. - Simple launcher script is run whenever the PND is called providing a list of java applications detected inside SD:\\pandora\appdata\java - Selecting an app runs it. - Option of ticking apps and selecting install to...
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    Beta Hotfix 4 Beta 3 Released!

    I remember reading in the overclock/overvolt thread in hw hacking that 10 years applies if less than 24000 hours are spent in opp4/5, and the remainder is scaling properly between 1-3. I.e. the 100k hours applies even with a good chunk of opp4/5 - just assuming not all your time is spent there...
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    Release Ginge

    I'd just like to throw my voice into the crowd of thank yous for this one... I've just finished playing a bit of W&W for the first time since I put a screwdriver through my GP2x's screen. I never thought I'd see it on Pandora! So THANK YOU NOTAZ! Also, I'll echo the problems with GPsp: either...
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    Cave Story / Ginge(GP2X wrapper)

    Amazing... just... wow. That's a good reason to be impatient for September!
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    Improvements To The Pnd System

    I think the main point I was making is that even Apple, with all their control freakery and consequential reputation for being easy to use have a system that's quite similar on a unix-based platform that almost anyone can become comfortable with in a couple of days. It's just that, even if once...
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    I looked at OPKGing Java, but after grabbing the libs for Xournal, I don't have the space on Nand, and I haven't quite sussed out the whole everything on an SD approach yet... It's there though :)
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    Improvements To The Pnd System

    One thought: Even on a Mac, appdata, configuration files, and the like are visible to the user. Macs are supposed to be the single most user friendly systems available on the planet, currently, at least if you listen to Apple fans. If they get away with leaving obscure stuff visible (just in a...
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    Unique Hardware Id

    Just chiming in on the anti-piracy attitude around here. I still remember the reactions to the idiot who decided it would be a good idea to go and crack all the GP32 games. Very roughly, he turned up posted that he had done so, and expected praise. He was very surprised when instead he was...
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    About Sharing

    Some of the user headache might be avoided if these special pnds could be obtained automatically from Pandora Apps if they were not already present. I'm thinking of essentially a download url being included in the shell script that, if run_pnd fails, Pandora offers the user the opportunity to...
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    PND Package Requests

    I've installed and given a cursory test to Xournal, which runs pretty nicely on Pandora. Particularly notable is it's ability to annotate PDFs, which means a .pnd of it would solve two issues at once for Pandora users - the lack of a PDF reader (which is kinda surprising), and a programme to...
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    Has Anybody Gotten Free Heroes 2 To Work?

    Just weighing in here on the game. It's awesome - once you get it to work. Which for me has been only yesterday having tried a number of times since getting my Pandora. Here's how (and what's not mentioned in the readme). 1) Ensure the .pnd you've got isn't corrupted. If you don't get either...
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    Anyone Else Taken Yours Outside?

    Taken outside repeatedly. And equally repeatedly, been surprised at how good the screen looks even in direct sunlight :). Not perfect, but it's better than most things I've used on sunny days!
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    Pandora Should Move To Android

    Just weighing in, in what seems to be the usual manner: - Via Stuckie Extend method: Android would be lovely to have. It would essentially become an interpreter-like programme allowing access to some degree of commercial gaming on Pandora quickly, but without threatening current development...