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    A Spectrum of Pyra Renders

    Can you do diamond plate?
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    Ask the Dragon - Date has been set!

    Will the USA-spec cellular chip be able to also use European sim cards (like when traveling and buying a pre-paid sim card, will that simply work) ?
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    Moving along

    That probably wouldn't be too good for the back.. :p
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I might be ok with 2GB as well, though I would think 4GB might be more preferred when taking into account things like virtual machines (like qemu) for running, for example, windows 9x games/applications, as well as emulating some post 16-bit era consoles/computers in general that can be a bit...
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    Back from the Dead!

    Thanks. I had forgotten about that. Still, how will power be routed to a SATA drive? Usually SATA drives use this sort of connector for power: I've seen cables like these before: but I'm not sure if this is the right thing to use with something like the Pyra with this custom SATA/USB adaptor...
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    Back from the Dead!

    Happy New Year to you too, ED! One question. I thought the SATA connection was going to be E-SATA, but the second picture looks like an internal SATA connector (with the L shape), which is fine, but how will power be routed?
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    Cases, colors and emails

    Actually I know a lot of people from Poland, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, and Slovak Republic and many of them would quite often use "until" where they clear meant "by" and vice-versa (mainly the ones who aren't native English speakers.) I've long suspected it comes from differences in...
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    RSS feeds for individual forums not showing full articles

    I noticed that, unlike the previous forum software or two, which showed the complete body of the article (first post of a thread) this new forum only shows a short bit and then a link that I must follow in my browser. While I certainly don't mind coming to this site, it was always nice to be...
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    @TrashyMG Thanks.
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    One thing that I'm sort of wondering is if the eMMC lives on the CPU board, which is slated to be upgradable in the future, or if it's on the mother board? If the latter, then would not 16GB be better for future proofing compared to 8GB, as future OS upgrades and such could maybe make that 8GB...
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    @WizardStan Thank you for the reply. I didn't quite realize that they used the same port on the SoC. So you're saying it makes more sense to use a MicroSD card to backup the OS that's on the eMMC (and thus using the eMMC for the OS/booting) rather than the other way around? That does make sense...
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    A bug, booting up and a huge forum migration

    So if I understand correctly, one can have the OS on a MicroSD card while the eMMC remains dormant and serve as a backup OS should something happen to the one on the MicroSD card or something happens to the card itself? Also out of curiosity, would there also be a way to utilize both, where...
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    Not everything is as fast as planned

    And that's what really matters. Exactly, just like with the CPU/SoC board, good modular designs open up a lot of possibilities, which is why I will be more than comfortable to go for a first run Pyra. I wish to support this project any way that I can. I full heatedly believe that this is a...
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    Not everything is as fast as planned

    So will the portrait displays with the rotator still work well, or will it be more worth it to wait for the models with the landscape displays? My main concern is battery life. Also, when you mention about doing a pre-order, this is not for people who already preordered and have a voucher...
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    Total madness!

    Mmmm, cake. And Pyra. Two of best inventions ever conceived by man. Also, that reminds me. Happy Birthday, Evil Dragon!!