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    [WTS] Pandora 1GHz Rebirth Ed

    how much in AUD?
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    Youtube sound stopped working in firefox

    wouldnt the desktop version be x86 not arm? there is a 32bit linux version of the latest Firefox but i expcet its x86. might need Box86 to run it. I dont have a Pyra so i cant test.
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    The Unanswered Questions Post

    the friction of removing the jacket creates the charge. a magnet in a coil does not create a current UNTIL it moves.
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    On the cromulency of pedancy and other questions of English languacy, a quest for our common joy and enlightenment.

    saw this series years ago. According to this the roots of English start with Frisian. Somewhere in the norther Netherlands.
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    Tetris.... no wait im laying floating laminate flooring. I have to cut my own tetris pieces and try to get them to fit... at pack 4 , there are 7 more packs to go unless i have to go for a bonus round. does going to the hardware store for another pack count as a DLC???
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    What have you bought recently?

    not exactly bought as it was my 60th birthday present....
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    Let's post pictures of ourselves.

    well you asked for it... lol
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    The Witcher Enhanced edition.. had it in my steam library foe a while but never got around to playing it. combat sure takes a lot of getting used to..
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    battery only reaches 87%

    HNS said "But the Modem sends an overvoltage message at 4.25V and turns itself off." i remember the possibility of a different Modem package. i was wondering if the alleged new modem chip had a different behaviour or ran at a lower voltage.
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    Closed PS4 emulator (Linux only)

    watched that last night. will be interesting to see how far it gets considering there is only 1 dev on the job..
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    battery only reaches 87%

    will this change if the new universal modem is used ?
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    enough garlic will at least enforce social distancing.....
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    yes, things taken out of context usually seem worse that they really are. There have been cases of people from overseas breaking quarantine. in North Queensland there was a woman who tried to kick in a hotel door trying to break quarantine. nothing we do is ideal but if enforcing quarantine...