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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    remember ED said they were not shipping in number order but in batches of similar type .
  2. spud42 on humble bundle for a few days
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    dont forget that there were at least 10 plus davesh prototypes sent out to developers . that could explain the higher serial number than you expected?
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    Lets start making the helper gadgets

    well said Binky.
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    Tales of an Assembly

    here you go Robert Taylor
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    Pyra and Brexit

    this is a "General Discussions" sub forum relating to Pyra . speculating on how Brexit may affect delivery and price of the Pyra seems to be a general discusion. Its the moderators job to police the validity of threads and posts not ANYONE else except ED that is.....
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    Tales of an Assembly

    you could use one of the protype case bases to build a charger into. It alteady is the right shape to hold the battery. ebay charger circuit and a few metal battery contacts, shouldnt be difficult.
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    Pyra and Brexit

    if you dont like this thread then dont read it. what right do you have to judge its validity?
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    didnt ED just say the touch screen was glued down? and that was what caused the unresponsive edges?
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    no, the font size changes 5 times in that one post. nothing to do with scaling at my end.
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    Happy New Year 2021

    i hold you to that,dont make me drive down to melborne and find you .... :D:D:D
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    Pyra pictures (spoilers)

    no idea but it reminds me of populus.
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    My first impressions of the Pyra

    thanks for the review but whats up with all the font size changes ? reall hard on my poor old eyes....
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    Megadrive/genesis model 1 dual overclock + electronics questions

    as levi said without a CRO it would be hard to figure out what is wrong. however wire length and capacitance could most definitely affect the square wave leading and trailing edges. rounding them off so edge triggering could be dodgy. 7.6 to 10 MHz is quite the overclock so if it works great at...
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    cheers JDTAY. added to the collection... now up to 50 games not