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    Pyra news partially stale from the dragon's mouth

    I do appreciate that both RockChip and AllWinner are at least attempting to get their devices into the mainline Linux Kernel. One of my annoyances with the Pandora is being stuck on an old kernel (if I want to keep gpu acceleration at least). For the Pyra, does the team have some way to get...
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    I have had to open up my pandora and re-solder the shoulder buttons a couple of times now. Been tempted to mod my case to add a second set of shoulder buttons as well, but I would rather leave things as close to stock as possible.
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    So, what's the current status of everything?

    In excitement about the Pyra, and dismay about the cost of dev boards, I did some hunting for similar-ish enough hardware that should be able to run binaries compiled for the Pyra, and perhaps vice versa. Turns out the early version of the RPI2 is Armv-7A. And later versions are Armv-8a, but if...
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    Micro-Cap 12 (Commercial circuit simulator) is now free (as in beer)

    The hackaday article says they tested it with wine and it worked fine.
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    Micro-Cap 12 (Commercial circuit simulator) is now free (as in beer)

    Just ran across this news, which may be of interest to those in the community. A commercial circuit simulator (and schematic editor) that used to retail for around $4500 USD, has been released to the world free of cost. News: Hackaday Downloads from Spectrum (the makers of Micro-Cap)...
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    'zines and book recommendations (Linux, Gadget, Game related)

    I'm really sad about Linux Journal shutting down, I was a subscriber for years. I was actually 2 months away from needing to renew my subscription. (As an aside, I looked at what I paid for my last 2 year subscription... it was $9... total and I think I got a shirt out of the deal. So there...
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    Huawei vs the USA and their lapdogs

    I thought this was an interesting article about some of the various parts and sources of said parts that Huawei uses. Basically one of their modems and the module that handles mobile network connections is also affected by the ban. Something I'm...
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    Quick update and summary

    Just did some testing with overlayfs, in the hope that maybe NTFS or ExFat would support the needed features. Overlayfs refuses to mount Fat32 (Through vfat) filesystems even as a lower directory... It can mount exFat and NTFS filesystems as a lower directory, but cannot use them as upper...
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    From Greece with love.

    I seem to remember that you can see that behavior when your display cable gets damaged. Since some of the traces that control the backlight are carried over the display cable. So it might not be the chip itself.
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    Wrapping everything up!

    I'm always amazed at how civil people are on these boards. I really do enjoy this community. @Jonathan Duncan, I would say that if your work makes you feel like you have to do stuff like type while you are driving, you might want to consider what your job is asking of you for time commitments...
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    Pyra Audio Library?

    Fair warning it's been a while since I've done this stuff, or researched options, so take my advice with a grain of salt. If you wanted to make your life easier, I would say use SDL, or OpenAL. Both of those libraries allow you to hook into a sound back-end pretty easily and let you focus on...
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    If it'd help with testing, I'd buy a eval board. Though it looks like the 5432 from svtronics is the only thing available anymore, and a quick search didn't show how different it was form the igepv5.... I have some hope that the issue is solvable in software, perhaps something like the Linux...
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    Tests, tests, and more tests.

    I'm glad to see an update, it looks like we're entering the long stretch. With the lack of people able to debug some issues is there some way we can provide an incentive? Like chip in money for a bug bounty or something? My knee-jerk thought was that you could have some people help debug by...
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    Passed the certification!

    Glad to hear on passing the testing! My third Pandora case is beginning to miss some pieces on it, and my left nub's casing has shattered. (My pandora is well used and loved). I'm positive my pandora will hold on till the pyra is here, but it's yet another reason for me to be excited that we...
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    An update of the waiting game

    I'm still excited about the Pyra, and am glad to hear of the news that things are moving along. While I get the point @fusion_power is making, I think the pyra being a complicated device is what we signed up for. I can accept the argument that if the Pyra were simpler it probably would of...