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    It's software this time!

    Yes. As long as someone buys their way in with significant effort which everyone can reap a benefit from. This reward is a good incentive. However, there will be future contributions people can offer which other would not benefit from. For example, if I didn't care about 3D then this would...
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    Beauty competition.

    I can't see much of a difference; I need videos.
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    Analyzing 4GB RAM

    I have not preordered yet. I can work with 2GB as long as there's a straightforward way to get 4GB later. Is the memory on the same board as the CPU? (replaceable)
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    It's all white!

    Thank you for future-proofing with a spot for a fan. The CPU will need to be upgraded in the future, and that option is very good to have. I like that you consider these things, like a slight change in the battery compartment for a future bulge without cracking the case.
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    Release Pale Moon

    It's working great for me. Thanks for your continued effort!
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    How os friendly is the pyra?

    I'd *love* to have Android working. Regarding systemd, that's not a useful conversation to have anyway. For my next experiments, I'm waiting for a stable distribution that uses Wayland. I hope it will remove DVD playback screen-tearing.
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    Forum rich text editor is grey text on a black background

    Hmm. I have js enabled, and I checked to see if other things were interfering and there's nothing obvious. I re-tried in Chrome and it works there.. so there's something wrong with my browser / settings. I'll investigate further if I end up needing that editor.
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    Configuring the tray's CPU Speed plugin

    I fixed the thread title. I thought the prefix was for threads regarding the release/beta status of the OS. -- Thank you, this worked. For anyone else discovering this thread: - Before editing this configuration file, change your default maximum MHz, go to Menu > Settings > CPU-Settings...
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    How os friendly is the pyra?

    When I was younger, I would love tinkering with things like this, but now I'm more interested in actually accomplishing things. =) You can sharpen your axe all day, but it doesn't even matter if you don't ever get to chopping wood.
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    Hardware Replacement keymat that isn't shiny

    That doesn't include the cost for your staff's time. I also think a Pandora replacement keypad project would distract the developers away from the Pyra project. -- I for one would not buy a replacement keypad, because I would rather save my money for a Pyra, which will completely obsolete my...
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    Pyra gallery - slow, image suggestions Are the display and navigation of images slow for anyone else? -- Keyboard pictures: I went looking there, because I wanted some proper pictures of the keyboard. I wanted to know the differences by looking at a prototype instead of...
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    Forum rich text editor is grey text on a black background

    Is anyone else seeing this problem? I have to click the wrench at the top-right of the editor to switch to the text editor. I've fixed this in my preferences. Is there a solution to the rich text editor so I can use it more easily?
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    Suggestion: Weekly YouTube videos

    Thinking about this some more.. There can be videos before the Pyra is available, showing just the prototype: An example keyboard video: * Show a graphic/render of the keys. * Show a closeup that pans across. * Show the actual un-installed keypad. * Show the prototype. (explain what it is...
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    Pandora Are Pandora development skills portable to the Pyra?

    Thanks. I think I'll skip learning PND if the native package format will end up being different. I'm having trouble finding information on DBP. Would these be the right places to start? Creating a DBP (Amended instructions) DBPUtils Script...
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    If a choice is possible in the wizard, which desktop environment(s) the Pyra OS should ship ?

    Is this CDE? :