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    Does Pyra have a microphone?

    I pretty much trust the Pyra software, in the way, that when I say "switch off the microphone", that it is really switched off. (I would not trust an Android nor iOS device in that respect.) Still, while my proficiency in C is not totally bad, I cannot say, that I had the time nor skills to read...
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    Does Pyra have a microphone?

    If so, is it easy to desolder?
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building! It's all about (political) transparency.
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    Some personal stuff - and prototypes building!

    I still like the completely transparent case best. The older among us remember гла́сность.
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    GPD Pocket

    Sure, I didn't think about it!
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    GPD Pocket

    Is there a way how I can test the flash? I don't want to pester you with this issue, if in the end it's another problem. (Btw. I have had so many bad experience with all kind of flash memory in the past years, that I think soldering it onto the mainboard is a bad idea. Even "industrial" flash...
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    GPD Pocket

    I'm not sure, but it looks like my "hard disk" (= flash) is broken after many installs (Debian, of course). Does anybody know how to change it? Many thanks in advance! Btw. I bought the GPD Pocket (the first one, not "2") from Dragonbox, that's why I ask here.
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    Wrapping everything up!

    Wow, I'm not aware of any company in Germany with such a long holiday. It is too late now, but for the next project: Why not work with a local company, that one can visit by train easily? My employer works e.g. with Bopla in Westphalia. They are not the cheapest one, but so far they never let us...
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    One Mix 2

    Will there be a version with Linux instead of Windows?
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    It's the speed that counts.

    I don't care whether there is coating or not, as long as the casing is completely transparent! :-)
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    Moving along

    Request for help posted here: and here:
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    Moving along

    While I ordered a 4 GB RAM Pyra with 4G modem, I did this only because it was the most expensive combination and I wanted to motivate the developers ;~) I never planned to use the 4G modem anyway and can live nicely with only 2 GB of RAM. My Olimex Teres I has 2 GB of RAM and it's not that bad...
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    ED, any chance to get the Pyra in time for the Hamburg miniDebConf (2018-05)?
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    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    I'm doing practically the same, but with XMPP. The XMPP server must have an IRC gateway component, e.g. biboumi. E.g. for the XMPP server, the address of the channel would be I have also installed biboumi at my works XMPP server, so me and...
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    Dragonbox Pyra Discord : REBORN

    Please note, that to join an IRC channel, it is not necessary to use an IRC client. I participate in IRC channels from my XMPP client (Gajim) using a gateway software installed on the XMPP server, called biboumi. AFAIK, one can also join IRC via similar gateways in the Matrix network. I agree...