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    Beta PCSX-ReARMed

    I made a new thread so as not to clutter Wally's.
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    Video playback on Pyra

    I've just been using mplayer directly. It's my favorite! Is there a way to change the thread count on that? I've been using the X11 decoder. The XV decoder made everything have a blue tint, and also stopped working entirely once I fixed the XFT font issue. OpenGL with gl4es is monochrome, and...
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    Beta PCSX-ReARMed

    1080p video on my Pyra runs slowly and gets out of sync with the audio immediately.
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    And that's the only time it ever happens, too. I have not had any other situation cause it.
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    Upgrading modem firmware

    Doh! I should have used ping! I only tried going to in Vivaldi.
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    Upgrading modem firmware

    Any news on this? I'm actually having some other issues with the modem though, it won't load any web pages when I have the connection set up and have an IP address through it.
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    Audio devices

    I did that, I set both main and sub mic to off. The noise still happens, but ONLY when playing Kirby 64 in mupen64plus. It doesn't happen from anything else, not even Mario 64 on the same emulator?
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    Audio devices

    I do. But even if I turn it all the way up, there's no sound input from it.
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    Which software do you miss on Pyra?

    I have a double-sided copy of It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World.
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    Audio devices

    My mic doesn't even work, actually. I can't get any input from it.
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    Emulating at a reasonable speed

    Yeah a lot of software like that will need to be optimized specifically for the Pyra.
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    Audio devices

    How do we disable the microphone? I can't actually get mine to work.
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    Audio devices

    I thought a general thread to talk about audio on Pyra might be good. I tried a C-Media USB soundcard. It works fine but only as an ALSA device, pulsemixer doesn't show it at all. Is there anything to be said for switching to Pipewire? It seems to support being a drop in replacement for...
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    Free Lossless Image Format (FLIF)

    Hey does anyone know if JPEG XL can do that thing where you partly load a picture to get a lower resolution version? That's one of the coolest features from FLIF.
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    My Pyra review

    I don't see anything wrong with that, they aren't collecting browsing data or anything personally identifiable I suppose.