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    Release Catacomb

    This is a childhood classic of mine. THANK YOU SO DAMN MUCH
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    It's the keyboard layout.

    Could somebody turn that into the webapp keyboard design maker?
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    Release Total Annihilation 3D

    I love TA... but this engine seems dead in the water?
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    Updates in all areas, spiced with case renders

    That case design looks really high class ED. Looking forward to supporting your kickstarter sooner than later :) What's the keyboard layout?
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    Linux gaming news! It's happening!

    Madness takes control.
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    The RetroPi

    also make the ICP3 ;) seriously don't make the ICP3
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    The RetroPi

    I'm already trying to throw money at you :) More seriously, I'm not trying to beg for the icp3 or anything ;)   but when it comes to the "out of the box" experience.. having a standard (supported) controller that comes with the unit for those of us that don't own original controllers would...
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    The RetroPi

    ED: I am all for this idea in a million ways... this is something I've wanted for the longest time apart from the support for the official carts and the official/clone controllers - you should investigate different kind of bluetooth controllers for the bundle. There must be a decent cheap...
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    Final keyboard layout proposals - Discussion thread

    May you all die a slow and pointless death..... I'll make my keyboard layout tonight ;)
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    Kickstarter bait. :) p.s. Don't make your own controller.. just make sure it works with the most popular controller :D
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    This kind of thing has been a dream of mine for years.... It's exactly what I want. have launched a media center based on the raspi stuff... Imagine a similar case/form factor, with a much more powerful CPU and built for gaming..... One of those... with a decent SOC...
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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

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    Finished! (Well... the schematics, that is)

    hey... That's in about two months!
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    C4A down?

    I'm looking to a cheap VPS... I see a whole lot of bad reviews about these guys and all of the good ones seem like astroturf can you ask your friend to give them a quick review? like performance? outages? I don't care if they're "slow" because I'd only be using them for weechat irc shell and...
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    The long road to a final unit or just use a thin sausage!