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    GIVE AWAY: GP32 no-light unit (NLU)

    Ahhh I bet you will ;) It's hard to keep your hands off the back of it hehe.. These things should have come with a bra
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    New Gcw-Zero Developers Have Come On-Board

    That's right, Sphinxter is on board too :) Thx buddy ;)
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    Trying To Get In Touch With Alex

      Thanks a lot, b_o_b!
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    Trying To Get In Touch With Alex

    Has anyone heard from Alex or can get in touch with him? I am at a complete loss how to contact him, PMs to his profile here are disabled, his website is down, friends I know of his have no valid email.  Hope he is OK.   My email is: dansilsby <AT> gmail (DOT) com   Or, you can just contact me...
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    New Gcw-Zero Developers Have Come On-Board

    We are also trying to get iprice on-board ;)    Additionally, if anyone has more recent contact information for Alex, please let me know I don't know how to get ahold of him, PMs on his account are disabled, his website is down, it's a real shame.
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    New Gcw-Zero Developers Have Come On-Board

    Hi folks, I am proud to announce a skilled developer from the GP2X, Zodiac, and iPhone scenes:  ZodTTD will be developing for the GCW Zero.  ZodTTD has helped bring both emulators and open source program ports to many different platforms, including the first playable PSX emulator available on...
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    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

      Sure you can :)  Thanks for the compliment, I actually was playing Wiznic on my Wiz the other week ;)
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    Please Welcome Our Newest Gurus!

    Congratulations :)
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    Where Is Wiz Support?

    Good to hear, your games are awesome :)
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    Where Is Wiz Support?

    I still have plans for the Wiz, I keep writing ideas down for when I start programming again.
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    Yamagi Quake2 Opengl-Es [Caanoo And Wiz]

    It would be interesting to see what range of floating point numbers quake2 is using internally. If it's a small enough range you could get further performance by converting it to fixed-point math. Would be a project that's for sure.
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    Would It Be A Good Idea To Build A New Os For The Wiz?

    Mmmmm open2x on the Wiz/Caanoo.. My Wiz still works like new, maybe I can work on it sometime soon. Been taking a break from all forms of productivity, but recently I've been throwing around the idea of porting a bunch of Kenta Cho's stuff from D to C++ for the Wiz.
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    Reviving A Long Dead F200

    It's probably the LTSK chip, a SMT component that is a DC<->DC converter. I am not sure of the part # but it has been discussed many times on here back when the gp2x was popular. Use " ltsk" as your google search term. To complicate things, the F100 is different than the F200 and...
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    GP2X Gp2X Hardware Library - Released!

    You are a genius f-cycles :) PS I liked the most recent demo of yours. How awesome to see new demos coming out.
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    Open2x Dr7 For F100 And F200

    Yeah I just got done with some summer college classes that were pretty intensely paced. But I've been thinking of the loose ends in Open2X, many little things, especially updating O2XIV and adding mass storage gadget USB support. I need to get an environment set up again under VirtualBox. One...