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    It's software this time!

    Are there still spaces for preorders or would a current preorder fall into a second batch? I would be happy to receive loose parts and assemble myself. I took my Pandora apart countless times.
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    Release DraStic Nintendo DS emulator

    Exophase is just fine, he just updated Drastic on November 2nd 2018 on Google Play where he is monetizing it. Soon after he released it for the Pandora he said he was using the platform to develop it, but he might move away to Android, which he did. He just left the current version for Pandora...
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    From Greece with love.

    *giggle* Same here. I just opened my Pandora and stuffed the buttons with carefully cut layers of white masking tape. That worked for years until I had to send it to ED for repairs beyond my mortal capacity and he fixed it proper.
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    Passed the certification!

    I need to wait until the first week of December when I get an extra paycheck that will go to my Pyra (Euro mobile 4G) In the meantime I just got one of this PNY 512GB SD cards that I'm enjoying in my agonizing Pandora (first batch) I'm so desperate about the LCD cable situation :( If I had...
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    Open Pandora (faulty LCD Cable) 1 GHZ

    Sorry about the revival, I don't know if I can quote in a new thread. Any chance to get a redesign or anything of the sort to make it more durable? I'm planing on getting a Pyra when ready, but I wouldn't want to have to dispose of my Pandora just because there will be no more LCD cables if...
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    Possible fault with Pandora 1GHZ. please help

    @TrashyMG Thanks man! *lol* yes, the later is exactly what I did. I guess I was lucky. Regards.
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    Possible fault with Pandora 1GHZ. please help

    Thanks! No worries, I can look it up myself.
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    Possible fault with Pandora 1GHZ. please help

    Thanks for the reply with extra information. @levi the "poping" element is was made me uneasy. Nothing noticeable happened to my Pandy, though. @TrashyMG That's cool. It makes your Pandora really lightweight, especially if you have a TV out cable dangling from it.
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    Possible fault with Pandora 1GHZ. please help

    Hello community, Sorry for reviving a the thread after 10 days, but there are a couple of things that concern me. 1st @Eight Bit when you said: Do you know of anything that may break on the Pandora because of it? I say it becuause that's the way I managed to revive mine. I connected it...
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    [Applimulator ;)] apkenv + apkenv.ui

    Hi! Asuming that I'm a complete noobie on any kind of debelopment, what should I study to be able to contribute to this project? There are some apps that I would like to see runing but I don't want to just ask for them sit and wait.
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    The moment you realized just how freakin awesome the Pandora is...

    Really since I saw a hint of it in the Xfce page in Wikipedia three years ago, but it stood to my expectation, then watching it emulate N64 games at even playable speed (PSX is awesome) then connecting a 500GiB external HD to copy a Playstation disk image or mp3s. Getting my homework in time...
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    [Applimulator ;)] apkenv + apkenv.ui

    Omg! Why wasting time on Sonic 4? That is such a boring game! I better play the originals in PicoDrive, but it looks cool in a developer achievement way.
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    Release GnuCASH

    *lol* very true and I don't know why I use it since it's not that handy to double tap on the screen, but anyways...
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    Release GnuCASH

    Awesome! Thanks.  Bug report: Not a major issue, but it maximizes and restore fine from the buttons, just don't double click (or tap) on the tittle bar or it would crash the window manager.  Btw, what's the name of our window manager, I mean how can I recall it from the terminal? EDIT: typing...
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    How to remap Android buttons to Pandora Controls (Guide)

    OK here it goes... 1st copy the following text 2 Open gEdit and paste it (configure as desired) 3 Hit save 4 Navigate to /media/yourSDcard/pandora/appdata/android_gingerbread/system 5 Create a folder and name it usr, then another inside it and name it keylayout 6 Name the file gpio-keys.kl...