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    Pc Problem...

    Figured out. I guess my lcd monitor is just messing up, andby luck its probably a few days of warnaty
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    Pc Problem...

    I recently bought a 1gig stick of ram for my PC, and rather it has any relevance or not I do not know, but recently I have been noticed several lines of red dots going down my screen, and text being blured in programs I run, or any games. I didn't notice any of this before I bought the ram...
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    Is This Possible?

    I have a WoW subsciption currently, I don't really play that often anymore besides pvp. However, my guild has a ventrilo radio station type thing, and I was wondering if it would be possible to make a program that displayed the name of the song each time it changed in vent in guild chat. Would...
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    Smokey Gp2x

    Some times you just have to shove things in holes you see fit.
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    Zombies Vs Pirates

    A rainbow sprinkle zombie wins, no contest
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    Mame Gp2x 3.9

    I want to test it>_<, but my rechargables died on me.
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    Mac Os 9 Skin Update For 3.0

    I noticed 3.0 and thought it may not work with 2.1, but I am going to have to check out now. I am still using a really really old halo skin atm.
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    C# Help

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    C# Help

    I am trying write some C# code, that finds all the prime numbers between 1-100 and I cannot figure out how to reconize that the numbers are prime. Any help suggestions? I also need to average them afterwards, I have no problem doing that though, and I know what the prime numbers from 1-100 are...
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    Gph Is Working On A New Handheld (codename: Gpx3)

    ^HAHA..... I got a great laugh out of that paper one.
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    Sure is=) I found the problem was that I renamed my bios gba_bios.bin , but whenever I went to load the gpe it already added the .bin to it so the file named ended up being gba_bios.bin.bin
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    Purple I like your style!
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    I have a quick question if anyone wouldn't mind helping with. I have bios in gpsp directory and whenever I go to load a rom it just hangs at a blank screeen. Is this a possible bios problem, or does me still using 2.0 firmware have some thing to do with it
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    [gba] Public Release Of Gpsp2x! Dynarec'd And All!

    Am I doing something wrong? Here is how I have my directory set up: H:\emu\gpsp_v9008 This has the gpsp directory with roms and bios in it, is that correct? But I also have src file in it, is that source code? Should also mention that I am still running on 2.0. The problem I am having is...
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    Xpdf - Fast Pdf Reader For Gp2x Released!

    I have tried mutiple pdfs , but they were all downloaded from my eCollege. I'll try another one and re-edit this post.