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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Any chance the source for lacuna is up on github or somewhere :P? Lacuna is amazing btw, still just as addictive as ever
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    Where are the old folk of GP32?

    Without overvolting? Nice, my BLU could make 180 iirc
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    FOSDEM 2016

    I don't know but I think you can summon him like so: @EvilDragon @EvilDragon @EvilDragon !!!
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    Div games studio + games

    Oh wow, sounds great! Looks like Div was a lot more popular than I thought it was
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    Introduce yourself

    Ironically I never really did keep up with the Splinter Cell series :D
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    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    Ah yeah, should have added I don't seem to have the cables lying around either. I'll have to dig something up
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    FOSDEM 2016

    Anyone from here going this year?
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    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    I no longer have any SMC readers lying around myself so I'm currently stuck with what's on my card
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    What are your favourite GP32 games?

    I seem to have lost my Wiz :( and the GP2x stick is so bad :(
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    Ian Murdock - founder Debian died (suicide)

    He could have been mentally ill, I'm sure in time we'll find out more truth on what happened
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    Dreamcast 2 Petition. Really? Why?

    Unfortunately 35k signatures would be less than meaningful. Even if everyone one of the signatories bought one (they wont) then cos per console retail cost would have so be enormous to cover R&D, production and then profits
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    Steam got hacked/glitched, accounts are accessible by anyone randomly

    Well in this case they could look for the list of all users who accessed the steam store during the required caching window. If you didn't access it during that time then none of your pages should be cached and if you did access then there is the potential someone else could have seen your...
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    Liking posts clickthrough

    Yeah, there's no way to tell the board to effect an action without loading a new page if you don't have javascript, need to send a post request somehow :(
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    Wanted GP2X Caanoo or GP32

    I have two GP32s but the FLU is seeming a little dodgy with the light after not being used for so long. Seems that you have to press the switch down otherwise it flickers