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    Is it Pocketable Then?

    Pff... I can fit anything in any pocket. That's what baggy cargo pants are for. Reminds me of that video showing everywhere a kid could smuggle a gun into school and he had a rifle and a full-sized shotgun in his pants -_-
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    Official Blog- Tales From The Hall

    It might not be the same problem. On my laptop, Network Manager just keeps spamming "Network - Disconnected: You are now offline" when I try to do something and refuses to reconnect without a hard boot after I get disconnected sometimes. It does this after a random amount of time after each...
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    Looking For Peter Mackay (Cave Story Port)

    The flight component completely trivializes like 3 stages and makes it incredibly easy to get the super booster :D
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    It Has Began!

    Needs more gifs imo.
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    New Photo From Craigix

    Now I have this song stuck in my head: It's awesome so I really don't mind. I'm being cautiously optimistic that I may have my Pandora soon.
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    Official Blog- Ash-Gray

    I'm sure there would be some sort of account freeze while they figure out where the hell he got the money. He would obviously need a few days to plan out what he's going to do with the money. Then comes the massive party he would obviously throw. Honestly, I wouldn't blame them for a delay if ED...
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    Official Blog- Ash-Gray

    Quick! Predict that the only thing that can delay the project now is if several billion dollars are mysteriously deposited in your bank account!
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    New Picture

    I don't think those boxes are big enough to contain harmoniums.
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    Pandora Wi-Fi On 350kilobytes/s

    Not all of this is directed at you specifically. I think you're expecting too much. Speakeasy tells me that I get 15Mbps during prime time and 21Mbps at of times on my laptop and I have never seen a file download faster than 1.2MBps using any means. I don't think I've ever actually seen it...
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    Eds Wifi Stick

    We've already had the discussion on the proper way to pronounce GUI. I think GUI is pronounce "guy" in Germany or somesuch.
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    A Little Contest While We're Waiting :)

    I'm attempting to demodulate it as an AM signal using baudline atm :rolleyes: It now sounds like it's morse code, but he said it wasn't -_-
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    While We Are Waiting, Might As Well Blast To The Past

    God of War III Ultimate Edition Costs $99 plus whatever insane mark up the seller decides on since it's no longer available.
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    Let's Guess What Is In The New Boxes?

    You got it all wrong. The boxes contain slightly smaller boxes. Those boxes also contain slightly smaller boxes. Then it's turtles all the way down.
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    Sega Saturn

    Pentium 2 333MHz 32MB RAM 8.6GB HD Onboard video Windows 95 (YEA!!!) >.> <.< While that computer is real and still works, here's my current one: Athlon II X4 965 Black3.4 GHz 4GB G.Skill DDR3 1600 RAM Radeon HD 5770 1GB