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    Release Reicast

    I never used this emulator before, how does it deal with the LCD (mini-)games for the gamepad ?
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    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    Damn, MANIA+ and SURVIVAL are very difficult... I'm not sure if I'll be ever able to beat them... :( It is bad that SURVIVAL music tracks are so good... because the levels are really short and you can't hear a half of the track... I really hope they will add the choice to use those tracks in...
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    dbp icons

    Aren't there info about those folders in the book that comes with the Pyra ?
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    One DBP a Day!

    @matzesu : We have expectations from you !! Don't let us down !! :oops:
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    Valve launching Steam Deck - SteamOS Handheld Console

    An interesting thing happened to me... I know a lot of people that are not so tech savvy, but maybe like games, so I told them about this thing, specifying that they had a look at the price !! The answers I received were unexpected... : So, considering only the comments related to the price...
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    What are you playing this weekend/these days?

    I got Mother Russia Bleeds because I saw a LOT of reviews telling how good was this and how it was similar to Streets Of Rage... turned out that the only similarity with SOR is that you punch people... It has too many buttons (kick, punch, grab, jump, sprint, and three more to get and use drugs...
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    Release DooM 3

    10 fps ?
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    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    Can someone try this combination to unlock Roo with the keyboard ? (I have already unlocked it so I can't try...) At main menu screen: F1 + up arrow + Esc
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    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    This DLC adds a LOT of longevity to the game !! They also added alternative moves for all the characters of previous SORs (also Roo), non just for the SOR4 ones !!! The new soundtracks are really good, it's a pity that are only played in the survival mode... I wonder if one day they will add a...
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    COVID-19 / Coronavirus Pandemic

    Don't worry, he's going away from earth
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    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    The DLC is pretty cool !! A lot of things to unlock and a lot of new moves !! But damn, I can't find a way to unlock Roo... all guides says the same thing: I don't even know where the "Start" button is on the keyboard, and if I keep it pressed on the gamepad it will shut down itself... :mad...
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    Streets of Rage 4 ... IS HERE !!

    A 1.4 GB patch just arrived !! :cool: I already know it comes with the MANIA+ difficulty !! Now only the DLC is still missing !!
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    Release Retroarch

    On Windows I have those DLLs uncompressed in the "cores" directory
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    Release Retroarch

    nightly builds of cores can be downloaded from: these are still not certified as stable and so not present in retroarch list, but can be "installed" manually and most of the time they just work
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    Valve launching Steam Deck - SteamOS Handheld Console

    Excluding the fact that Valve understood why the Steam Controller was failing and improved it, instead of blindly using their old design. The price seems very low ?! :eek: