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    Port Request: A lot ^^

    I did some ports for q1 and q2. But i think most of the ports wouldnt be that difficult to get running, im guessing gl4es is already running since pitiseb has had hw for awhile. That would make it even easier to port some engines i.e q2, hexen 2, d1x, d2x. Im guessing someone will come along...
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    Release TetriCrisis4 110% A.I. Turbo

    yeah i dont really feel like put time into them at this point, was just remembering helping the original author out at the time.
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    Release TetriCrisis4 110% A.I. Turbo

    yeah i remember working on these ages ago (might be 2014 version mentioned)
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    Minecraft on Pyra?

    it was a interesting experiment for the pandora but not something i felt like playing. It also needed gl4es. maybe pyra has a better experience
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    Phytium-based ARM PC

    levi, I was just trying to give a opinion to contribute to the discussion (elw3 was made the same point sbout price per performance). Then i though pitiseb misunderstood what i wrote thinking i was asking what was the point of box86 on arm. Im not trying to put down anything he is working on or...
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    Phytium-based ARM PC

    I understand the technical reasons why you would need box86 and if for some reason arm was only hardware option you had to run x86 stuff on. Id be ore inclined to spend a lost less on a higher performing x86 pc. has this been the highest performing arm device youve played on?
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    Phytium-based ARM PC

    maybe it would be useful as a compile server, but it does seems strange to spend more for arm to then simulate x86 apps. You could probably buy (or get for free) even an older x86 machine at a much lower price. @ptitSeb are you using the multi core in box86 or is it single thread?
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    How to run Die Siedler II (The Settlers) ROM from in DosBox EX Ultimate?

    I dont use the Dosbox EX, but the dosbox that Pitiseb released. So im going off using dosbox direct and not with any special frontends. If you are getting an cdrom iso from archive org then you need to mount it. imgmount D <path to iso> -t iso mount C <your dosroot path> search the D: for...
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    Port Requests

    I do help Kojote when asked to work on ports. Mainly the older GPH devices and pandora. But i dont have a Prya and to be honest I dont know if im really going to afford right now to get one.
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    It be nice just to have them in one file without the drm, but i think there are license problems with LOTR/Middle Earth titles.
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    stupid question but is the dynarec core enabled?
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    This is a little box dedicated to be a NAS, but only come with 512 mb ( a lower spec unit has 256 mb)
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    Torvalds Warns the World: Don't Use the Linux 5.12-rc1 Kernel

    the most obvious use of swap Ive personally had is with my NSA320. When copying a large file once it filled the physical memory it would stop. Adding the swap file fixed the problem. most modern machines dont really need it, but smaller devices it still has a use.
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    Mupen64Plus (Nintendo 64) Pyra -W.I.P

    its SDL1 since it would then run on any device (gph, dingoo, etc) and it uses updaterects to save on cpu. But i can look into adding a SDL2 render option.
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    Mupen64Plus (Nintendo 64) Pyra -W.I.P

    My launcher can be used for a GUI (it was used with the pandora version in the past). Id be willing to looking into any issues or any reasonable changes to make it better if its something you want to consider.