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    General issues regarding F2FS rootfs partition

    xDthe only logical step is to switch to zfs for all the Pyra partitions and Sd cards.
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    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    Yes, that is of course correct.
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    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    That is not wrong.
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    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    I agree for DRM, not anti cheat in a multiplayer game.
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    Steam Deck (using SteamOS) handheld by Valve

    Exactly. The anti cheat software sees Proton as a modified, so possibly cheating, Windows. So it is important, that these tools recognise Proton as a clean OS. If not, multiplayer will not work or even worse, the game wont start.
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    Just a quick status report video

    Yep, but that time it was allowed to do so. I dont know if thats still the case. Back to topic: I would also really like to see the production starting again.
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    Absurdism corner

    Well, if that is not the intended use of a fidget spinner, what is it? Now he always has sonething to to for his fingers and will never loose it xD
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    New rooms, updated cases

    I think ED posted all these tweaks in the last news thread, first post. Its an interesting read. Edit: Yup, found it: Just open the spoiler in his post.
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    I have DRM working in Chromium :)

    There are people appreciating you and the other owners sharing their work and findings. I think, everything made working for the Pyra should be shared with the community so that we all can choose how we want to use it in the future. Keep it up!
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    cool build and definitely an argument for a smaller form factor :)
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    Just go with the GPD Win Max. In my opinion, it's just the better System, since you get a full keyboard, Game Controls and a reasonable resolution for good performance. It's a real laptop with game controls.
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    And there are also enough people, able to do that themselves. As soon as ED get's out a preorder page, I'm in.
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    Oh and Mainboard replacement sounds nice, since Ive got the 2020 version. Hopefully, @EvilDragon will stock these.
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    Should I have received my final order eMail already?

    I really appreciate the work the early adopters are putting in their devices. Analyzing the problem and testing everything out instead of crying about a damaged device is what makes the product better for all of us! Keep it up! I am really looking forward to my own pyra!